Craft and Kangas

Went over to Elaine’s yesterday (Australia Day) for a craft day. Just her and me. It was good; nice and relaxing, although I would have liked to accomplish more than we did.

I brought a truck load of supplies and stuff with me as I wasn’t sure what we’d be doing and what she might need (naturally we didn’t need 90% of it). Elaine wanted to make hand made thank you cards for the guests at her 50th birthday lunch (we’ve become tragic crafties. Country music next?). Now we could have done it simply and quickly with a bit of a collage of papers and a plain tag with Thank You stuck on the front but we tried to get clever (always a worry) and decided to design the tags to incorporate the photos we’d taken on the day. So by the time we’d downloaded and installed a trial version of Paintshop X (which I’m not familiar with so a bit of a learning curve needed), then trawled the internet for tag designs that we liked, then fiddled about with the photos and incorporated them into the tags, we’d frittered away half the day. Anyway we finally managed to get our act together and had a major surge of productivity in the late afternoon and finished the cards. Elaine was pleased with the result and, although I didn’t get to do any of my project, it was still a very satisfying day.
After we’d finished and had dinner we went out on the deck. The kangaroos were grazing right up close to the house. I’m still amazed at the sight of these mobs every time I go up there and how fearless they are in coming so close to the houses. A wonderful sight! Posted by Picasa

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