Podcast Interview with Founder of Digital Scrap Wiki

Today we’re talking to Tracy: the founder of Digital Scrap WIKI


Tracy (aka Tallynt) started the Digital Scrap WIKI a few short months ago. And it’s fast becoming a significant repository for digital scrapbookers.

tallynt.jpgI get a chance to chat with her in this podcast interview and discuss the WIKI. Learn a bit more about what it actually is and how it works. And hear how everyone can have a chance to safely play with developing a web site to be whatever digital scrapbookers want it to be.

The interview is about 19 minutes long, so make sure you have a cuppa handy then sit back and enjoy.

spkr1.jpegClick on the speaker to download the MP3

And if you think other scrapbookers would be interested in hearing about the Digtial Scrap WIKI, please give it a vote on StumbleUpon and help spread the word.

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4 Responses to Podcast Interview with Founder of Digital Scrap Wiki

  1. Olga February 9, 2008 at 2:53 am #

    It’s very interesting using podcasts as an alternative to an article and it’s definitely different and more direct. It almost feels like radio or television. For some reason if you watch someone doing something or you hear the instructions or the interview it tends to feel easier than reading, perhaps because you need to pay more attention to what you read. The information about the website was new to me, I didn’t know about this new website and it sure looks very promising.

    Thanks so much for the podcast it looks very professional and best wishes. :O)

  2. karooch February 9, 2008 at 9:38 am #

    Thanks Olga. I like to mix it up a bit on Scraps of Mind because I think everyone likes a bit of variety.
    And it’s fun for me to make different kinds of posts too.


  1. sk-rt.com - January 31, 2008

    Podcast Interview with Founder of Digital Scrap Wiki…

    Interesting interview with founder of Digital Scrap WIKI. Great opportunity to learn how you can enjoy being part of the development of a web site without any of the worries….

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