Organizing My ‘Scrapbookable’ Moments

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First I want to say hello to all the readers here at Scraps of Mind.
I have gone digital!

Not digital scrapbooking. Although I know that is in my future. How could I not be inspired to start after reading amazing blogs like Scraps of Mind?

But right now my digital journey is starting with my calendar.
The mess on my desk was just getting to be too much. How could I organize my life and reduce the clutter?
I gave away my paper calendar (I think it came from the dollar store…) and I started to use Google Calendar.
At first I began to use it for all of my personal appointments and then I moved to even scheduling my errands, phone calls, etc. And it has been great so far.

Recording the Events As They Happen

Then I started to plan my new 2008 Family Album.

The idea is to do a two-page layout for each month with one page being an actual calendar. I knew I had to record the events as they happened or I would most certainly forget. Even with my plan to complete each month’s layouts right at the end of the month I needed a place to record my ‘scrapbookable’ moments.

I have tried a journal, a notebook, even organizing my photos in separate folders on my computer did not seem to work. Once I would sit down to scrap, my mind would become blank and it would be like starting from the beginning. Ouch.

Creating a Separate Calendar

I needed to do something different!
The actual idea for this new album gave me the idea to just start the scrapbook calendar now. I know I will be able to use this idea for all different types of albums.
The Google Calendar is really many calendars in one. Each of my ‘calendars’ gets a separate name and color. So when I look at the month’s view I can see all my calendars in one place and they are color coded so I can easily set them apart. I had already begun using two calendars – one for my appointments and one for my kid’s school calendar. And so I added one more – my 2008 Family Album.
This separate calendar will be used for more things like milestones, family events that don’t usually require an appointment, and even scripture or biblical themes that as a family we have studied together.
By just glancing at the calendar I am able to see (look at the teal markers) that our month had two main highlights. It was so easy to see what themes or ideas I can use to plan for my month’s scrapbook pages.

Organized Calender Leads to a Planned Page (…and Album)

The challenge for me was what to do with this information now that I had it.
Are the events related?
Would they be able to be on the same 2-page layout?

This was the fun part for me. I was able to ponder as I went about my day…how do these topics go together?
What pictures do I have that reflect these moments?

What layout could I use?

What supplies would I need – oh, do I need to go shopping?And after a few days I was able to come up with a great title that connects the two topics. It was so exciting!

I can see that some months might not need as much help – next month is a full month of birthdays, trips and family visits. But then again maybe I will use my Google Calendar to pick and choose from all of those events. To record a special moment within all of the hoop-la.This digital thing is really working for me…could digital scrapbooking be far behind?

For more encouragement and inspiration to record and scrap your memories, you can find Hope on her blog, 4thememories.

Note: Hope no longer maintains her 4thememories blog so all links there have been disabled.

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5 Responses to Organizing My ‘Scrapbookable’ Moments

  1. Cindy February 20, 2008 at 9:56 am #

    What a wonderful idea. I love Google Calendars. I think I got carried away with it though and my errands/household plans have been ignored for the past several months. I love how you’re documenting the family events though. I always wonder about dates when I do get around to scrapbooking the pages. I’m still working on 2006, so it’s a bit of a struggle. One of these days……..

  2. karooch February 20, 2008 at 6:02 pm #

    I guess organising your scrapbookable moments in a calendar like this will help to encourage you to actually scrapbook them Cindy.

  3. Olga March 14, 2008 at 8:34 pm #

    It’s always great to know how other people use common applications it gives you more ideas and new tips about how to use them. Two people using the same software never use it the same way and you may get great ideas. :)

    Thanks so much for the tip about the Google calendar, I should use more I’ve read great reviews of it.:)
    Best wishes. :O)

  4. karooch March 14, 2008 at 10:15 pm #

    I haven’t started using Google Calendar yet because i have a Palm PDA and I sync up to the calendar for that on my computer. But I do use the Google docs and spreadsheets. It’s really handy for accessing stuff from both home and work.


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