Are You an Environmentally Friendly Scrapbooker?

At a practical level, Scrapbooking is not a particularly environmentally friendly hobby.

Oh I know the theory of reuse that is the foundation of scrapbooking history. But in reality, how many of us actually use recycled items to make our layouts?

Let’s face it, with all the amazing bits and bobs available, it’s really hard to not want to rush out and add them to your stash. And when you’re all fired up with inspiration for that fantastic layout that’s burning a hole in your head, somehow the buttons you cut off that old cardigan last week are just not going to do the job.

But perhaps we can make a few changes to our ideas and improve the eco-friendliness of our hobby, without compromising the quality and excitement of our scrapbooking layouts.

Scrapbook Papers

A few scrapbook supply manufacturers are starting to make their scrapbooking paper from recycled paper.

This does add a degree of difficulty to the manufacturing process, because it’s a lot harder to maintain the vibrant colours and designs using recycled materials. But there are companies such as Piggy Tales that are prepared to lead the charge and make the effort to create quality products using recycled paper. I think they’re well worth checking out and giving support to.

And what about your left over bits of paper after you’ve finished your layout?

Often you’ll have enough bits to make a card or an ATC. It’s worth while making it right then and there, whilst the creative muse is still upon you. And also whilst you’ve still got the coordinating elements out from your layout. You can create your card in minutes if you do, because there’s no searching for all the bits that you need.

If you don’t make cards, at least make sure that you store your left over paper bits (of a reasonable size) in a way that you can easily find them again when you make the next layout. Perhaps by colour or manufacturer.

Scrapbooking Embellishments

vamping-it-up.jpgBe a scrapbooking scavenger!

I keep a drawer full of bits of ribbon from gifts or flowers I have received. And I never throw out any tatty garment without salvaging the buttons (and sometimes the zip) from it.

Start prowling through the Charity Shops where all sorts of second hand bits are on offer. Old lacy doilies look fabulous on a scrapbook layout.

And of course let’s not forget surplus stationery and haberdashery items such as paper clips and pins.

In fact once you start thinking in a recycle manner you start looking at things differently and everything starts to look like a potential scrapbook layout embellishment (note: this could make you unpopular with your family if you start recycling stuff that they feel is still on it’s first life).

Digital Scrapbooking

Now let’s not be silly about this. Digital Scrapbooking is not environmentally neutral.

After all you’re burning the power on your computer to create your digital layouts.

And for many of us, me included, we like to print our digital scrapbook layouts out. So that obviously has an environmental impact.

But overall digital scrapbooking does have a lower environmental footprint than paper scrapbooking. And your stash remains on your computer until you actually create your layouts so you don’t have a lot of ‘left over’ materials to consider.

And as an added bonus it doesn’t require the storage space or the surface space that paper scrapbooking does.

So if you’re starting to consider how you can reduce your environmental impact, now might be a good time to consider trying digital scrapbooking out.

Worried about learning how to use the technology?

Just click over to Step by Step Digital Scrapbook. It’s my new web site that’s been designed especially for beginners to digital scrapbooking. It has a whole bunch of information on what you need to know to get started a well as some video tutorials to show you a few tips.

And if you would like some extra help then that’s available too. You can choose to join my Digital Scrapbooking Mentoring Program where you’ll get a weekly eclass which provides you with video tutorials that take you by the hand and lead you through the creation of different scrapbook layouts, teaching you new techniques along the way. And you don’t even need to buy your supplies. All your digital scrapbook kits are provided to you with the eclass, so you can get started right away.

And if you don’t want to join my program, that’s OK too. Just check out the info and videos at Step by Step Digital Scrapbook and get started digital scrapbooking yourself.

So now there’s no reason for you not to be an environmental digital scrapbooker of the Now Age.

    So are you an Environmental Scrapbooker?

    Do you have any tips you can share with other scrapbookers on how you recycle your scrapbook supplies or utilise other non-scrapbooking items in your scrapbook layouts to give them a new life?

    Let us know in the comments below. I know I, for one, would love to hear your ideas.

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    3 Responses to Are You an Environmentally Friendly Scrapbooker?

    1. Jan January 8, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

      Yes – I am definitely an environmentally friendly scrapbooker & I am devoting my entire blog to “green scrapbooking”. I look forward to sharing ideas & getting the word out to the scrapbooking world on how to become more environmentally friendly with our favorite hobby!

    2. karooch January 12, 2009 at 9:22 pm #

      I love the idea of a blog all about green scrapbooking Jan. What a great idea.


    1. - February 27, 2008

      Are You an Environmentally Friendly Scrapbooker?…

      Scrapbookers can make a few changes to our ideas and improve the eco-friendliness of our hobby, without compromising the quality and excitement of our scrapbooking layouts…