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I would like to thank Karen for inviting me to guest again – I not only enjoy reading her blog but also all of your wonderful comments and discussions. Thanks for having me!

Today I thought I would share some fun little things that apply to the world of digital scrapbooking. Do you all realize that you are riding a wave of change in the scrapbooking industry? Digital scrapbooking is not only changing the way traditional scrapbookers look at keeping their memories, but also bringing in an entirely new group of individuals interested in preserving their stories – and that is a very good thing!

Last month I attended the PMA Show in Las Vegas. It was quite an interesting look into the trends for photography retailers, software, printing and technology. I was very interested in this show because I love photography and the more I get into digital scrapbooking, the more the two meld together.

Visiting PMA and seeing all the exhibitors was eye opening. Things were so different than the usual at scrapbook shows – we were definitely outnumbered by men in suits! The displays were plentiful and the large companies like Samsung, Nikon, HP, Sony and Canon had booths that seemed to be their own little neighborhoods…




HP was a major sponsor of the show (the did all the lanyards and had quite a large space) I really liked the font and question they used for the signage (It could almost be a prompt for an entire scrapbook):


I spent three days walking the floor of this show and I still didn’t see everything. I would have to say this was the most non-relevant interesting booth I visited….and photographers were picking up this little gadget like hotcakes. I mean everyone needs a helicopter camera to fly up in the sky to get a bird’s eye view of the wedding they are shooting, right?


With my mechanical ineptitude I would probably crash the thing to smithereens in the middle of all the guests, not so good! That would be unforgettable in not so good a way…but I digress…

The things that did stand out in my mind that digital scrapbookers would want to know about (or even just might be curious about) are some fun trends. We found a cute company that produces Christmas ornaments for the tree with digital screens – meaning you could customize your ornaments yearly by adding new digital layouts – talk about a high-tech Christmas tree!

Along the same line of thinking we also came across these cute little key chains that you could upload mini-layouts to and give as a gift to a child or hip mom or grandma….I know I want one and my twelve year old would love one too!


How many of you have a nice camera and a camera bag that screams, “Expensive camera inside?” We found several solutions to that problem…the two favorites among our group were Jill-E Bags and Crumpler bags…. Here is April Anderton, Creative Editor with Digital Scrapbooking Magazine modeling the Jill-E bag – yes they are leather and yes they are gorgeous! For special discounts you can check out Angie’s website…


I am a more casual girl – with five kids it has to be durable and kid-proof, so I gravitated more to the Crumpler bags…they are my personal favorite the company was started by a messenger and art student in Australia who basically wanted a “better bag” so he went out and invented a whole slew of them! Fun stuff – they also had my favorite booth at PMA – here I am with Wendy Smedley checking it out…


Yes they designed the entire booth from scratch – I ditched my roll along laptop bag at the show and purchased the a laptop bag similar to the one in this photo…


Another fun product we previewed were Unibind’s Photobooks… Unibind has actually designed a system that you can print your digital layouts out and bind them into a little book all in the comfort of your own home – how is that for convenience?


I also enjoyed visiting with the group at the LensBabies booth…Lensbabies are camera lenses that you attach to your SLR or DSLR camera and selectively focus on areas in your photo, producing some fantastically creative results… the people are fun too – when I took this photo – they took my photo…


One of the things I loved most about PMA were the amazing images in the booths. They had photos from the best of the best and seminars where the best of the best taught the regular people like you and me! While at PMA I took classes from Julianne Kost, Katrin Eismann, and Ben Wilmore… among others…it was a great opportunity to learn.

Another neat product we saw at PMA were the new Wacom Tablets – I am dying to get one of these Cintiq 12WX tablets – totally portable and you can edit your photo directly on the tablet instead of while watching your screen and using the tablet – just making things easier…


Those of you If you are interested in learning more about using tablets in Digital, check out this article by Renee Pearson…For those of you interested in using a tablet like the one shown can pick it up here and also get a free copy of Photoshop Elements 5 with it (avoiding the whole pesky thing of trying to use the new black interface in PSE 6)

My favorite booth experience was the Nikon Booth – probably because I personally use this camera…


They had amazing images that were inspirational, a great learning area (bottom right) and displays of the innards of various cameras – the image below is a D3 cut in half -I’ve always wondered what that would look like…


This photo illustrates perfectly why I love Nikon cameras – check out the magnesium alloy body of this D300 and also see the difference in size between the D300 and the D3 behind it…no plastic here…


Last but definitely not least I have to mention Epson. Although their booth was smaller than other printing companies, I have to say the images were the most inspirational to me because they were printed using Epson Printers and I personally own an Epson printer. I learned so much about printers at PMA that it will have to wait for another post – but suffice it to say after visiting with a few printing companies I am glad I went with an Epson for what I do…


I think the bottom line of PMA was new technology, being inspired by beautiful photos, learning all about new things coming up on the horizon – some I am not allowed to talk about until they are released – there is an exciting color calibration tool coming out at WPPI that we previewed that I will be blogging about soon among other exciting products…

PMA was definitely a great show for all things digital. I can’t wait to go back again next year.Thanks for having me here – I hope you all have enjoyed my recap on PMA Vegas 2008!

Kayla writes The Legacy Lady Blog where she shares her thoughts, scrapbook layouts and great digital scrapbooking tips and tutorials.

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3 Responses to The PMA Show – Digital Scrapbooking Heaven

  1. Brooke - in Oregon March 12, 2008 at 12:45 am #

    Great article, I totally want one of those keychains! how fun would that be, Love it!!

    Brooke – in Oregon’s last blog post..Climbing

  2. Olga March 14, 2008 at 11:52 pm #

    It looks a terrific place to visit, I would like to have something like that close to where I live but the closet place for something like that is going to be Dublin and that’s several hours by bus or train from me. :( Any it looks really interesting and the bags where gorgeous and the cameras look really good and great. Very nice. :)
    Thanks for the article and the photos and best wishes. :O)

  3. karooch March 15, 2008 at 8:28 pm #

    Well I can’t help you with a show in Ireland. But after Kayla’s article. Shiela from the PMA organisation contacted me and told me they’re holding a show in Brisbane (Australia) at the end of May.