Ript – A Virtual Noticeboard

Thatch sent me a link to this knacky little web application called Ript.

The application creates a virtual noticeboard on your computer where you can grab pictures and snippets from the web and store them until you need them.


I’ve used it here to make a collage of some of the layouts I’ve published on Scraps of Mind together with snippets of text from some articles. And I grabbed them all from the site itself; not from the files on my computer.

I reckonthis would make a really cool scrapbook idea as it would be really handy to grab bits of information or layouts that you might want to scraplift at a later date and keep them all together in a handy and easy to see place.

And the two most important things to note:

It’s EASY and it’s FREE!

You just download the free application from the Ript site and install it.

ript2.jpgThen it will put a little icon like a pile of papers on your desktop which sits in front of whatever window you have open. When you’re surfing the Internet, if you see some info that you want to keep, just highlight it and drag it onto the Ript Pile. If you see a scrapbook layout that you might want to use for future inspiration, just drag it onto the Ript Pile.

Then you can go to your ‘noticeboard’ and organise your snippets as you like. You can save your page as a jpeg to send to friends or as a Ript file so you can add to it later.

Ript call this a scrapbook page but I don’t think it’s the way we think of scrapbook pages. In my opinion, the real value of this little application is as a virtual noticeboard for storing all those bits an pieces of info that you pick up on blogs but then can’t remember where you saw them. You know the stuff.

Anyway why not check it out for yourself. It’s uber easy and quite a fun thing to do as well.

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2 Responses to Ript – A Virtual Noticeboard

  1. Census April 16, 2008 at 7:20 pm #

    This sounds a brilliant idea. I hate knowing I’ve seen something ..but not remebering where! An other great idea, thank you Karen!

    Census’s last blog post..Challenge, Word Art Freebie, Chat we got it all!!

  2. karooch April 16, 2008 at 9:04 pm #

    And you get to arrange your bits and pieces in a cute collage too June. Always appealing to a scrapbooker.