The Story of Aviana

Today I’d like to share the Story of ten year old Aviana with you.

Together with a few of her friends, Aviana decided to shave their heads to raise funds to aid the Uganda Project which is funded through The Global Heart.The aim is to build schools in Africa.

Although her mother was nervous about how this would go, she agreed to support Aviana and they shaved her head.

Aviana then rang her friends to tell them that she had done her bit, only to find out that none of her friends had gone through with it.

She was devastated!

Her mother writes:

It was shaky there for a few hours. Afterwards she cried as she was the only one. She called herself ‘ugly’ and cried, sad and angry. She wanted her hair back. I looked over at her hair (all of it) lying lifeless on the table and exclaimed, “Oh, I get it…you think it’s your hair that makes you beautiful…how about you run off then so I can spend some time alone with your hair.”Well, something shifted in her and about 30 minutes later, my daughter was dancing and singing out loud about how beautiful she is. Do you know what else she is? Brave. Courageous. Caring. Daring. And her own person. Being the only girl who shaved her head, she is getting lots of positive feedback. And I think she gets that she is not her hair.

Watch this video interview with this gutsy little girl and help her in her goal to build a school in Uganda.

You can read the full story here.

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One Response to The Story of Aviana

  1. Michelle Vandepas April 15, 2008 at 1:33 am #

    Oh Thank you Thank you! The word is spreading and Aviana has raised over $1200.00 so far. I love how people are getting behind her.

    Michelle Vandepas’s last blog post..Are You Committed To Your Dream?