RSS Awareness Day

Several months ago I wrote an article talking about RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and what it is. And more importantly how it can be of value to you as a reader of many blogs and web sites by saving you lots of time.

Daily Blog Tips has declared 1 May 2008 as RSS Awareness Day and has urged the bloggosphere to write about it and help to spread the word on how handy it can be to pretty much everyone who regularly visits blogs and web sites to read their latest offerings.

This video by Commoncraft steps you through the whole RSS thing with great simplicity. And if like me, you find that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words, then a moving picture must be priceless.

If I look at my Feedburner stats, Google Feedfetcher is easily the most popular feed reader amongst Scraps of Mind Readers with email subscribers coming in a long way behind in second place, and Bloglines following along third. A long way behind these leaders comes a mixed bag of other feed readers and bookmarking sites.

My personal preference is for Bloglines and I totally rely on it to help me keep up with what’s going on at the sites I want to track. It is exactly like the guy in the video says, I only need to look at sites that have new content added since I was there last, and my feed reader does this filtering for me, saving me heaps of time that I can better use to write articles to publish on Scraps of Mind or maybe even to do some actual scrapbooking!

So if you’re someone who hasn’t embraced the benefits of using a feed reader and still uses the bookmarks or favorites tab in your browser, maybe now is the time to try getting the updates delivered straight to you.

Scraps of Mind RSS FeedClick on the orange button at the left, and sign up to one of the feed readers that are listed there (all free of course). Or if you want a more personal approach, you can subscribe to my email feed and have Scraps of Mind updates delivered straight into your email inbox.

And when you see what a handy thing it is, you can add all your favourite sites to your list. If you decide you no longer want to visit them, then just click the Unsubscribe button on your feed reader and they will disappear from your life (of course you wouldn’t want to do that to Scraps of Mind, would you?).

It’s as easy as that.

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