Simple Scrapbooks, what are they?

What are Simple Scrapbooks … or maybe I should say Simple Scrapbooking?

I’ve come across this term a lot and I wondered if it applies to a particular approach or style to creating scrapbook layouts or whether it refers to how you structure your scrapbook albums.

Gayle Humphreys from the magazine Simple Scrapbooks gives this definition “A simple scrapbook is defined in terms of the “Five F’s”: Framework, Format, Finished, Fast and Freedom.”

Hmmm … not really helpful I thought.

chicks-on-wheels.jpgI read her article on WhatIs describing the Framework component and I came to realise that to be a Simple Scrapbooker you need to be very well organised and have planned out your scrapbook album pretty much from the start.

The structure includes, title page, a dedication/introduction page, a table of contents and section pages throughout the album. This sounds fine for a specific themed album, say your daughter’s wedding or a special vacation. These are albums dedicated to a specific event which has a defined beginning and end and is now over. So you have all the material for the album to make your scrapbook album at the same time. And in fact I have made a couple of albums about my overseas trips in this way. Although I haven’t done the table of contents, I have divided the album into countries by the colour scheme.

But most of the things I scrapbook are not that organised.

I am a totally random scrapbooker. Sometimes I dip into my old dodgy photos and create a layout from my daughter’s life and add it to her life story album. This is not done chronologically or with any theme whatsoever. It is the second scrapbooking project I ever started and it will probably be the last one I’ll finish.

Or is Simple Scrapbooking more about the style of your layouts?

bloggo-ergo-sum1.jpgWhen I first started scrapbooking I felt it was important to fill up the entire canvas of the layout. I had to leave no space unfilled. Mind you I’ve never been a ‘collage’ style scrapbooker. I think that’s a style which requires a certain touch that let’s you know when enough is enough.

Then I discovered the minimalist approach. Which typically uses one photo, or maybe a cluster of smaller ones and embraces the ‘white’ or empty space on the layout as part of the design (credits to Thao Cosgrove for her fabulous Art Journal Kit used in the Bloggo Ergo Sum layout). And although I enjoy playing with other styles, I’ve discovered myself doing more and more of my layouts in this style.

It’s a very simple, uncluttered look which I think showcases my photos well. And I think it is therefore a Simple Scrapbooking style.

What style do you favour? Or do you like to try lots of different styles … maybe we could invent a name for that. How about Smorgasbord Scrapbooking?

Yeah, I think I like being a Smorgasbord Scrapbooker.

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3 Responses to Simple Scrapbooks, what are they?

  1. Tink May 8, 2008 at 1:20 am #

    I’m Smorgasbord, too. Jack of all trades and master of none, LOL. Unless you are talking about using templates, then I am a master template user.

  2. karooch May 8, 2008 at 7:57 am #

    Yeah I’m quite drawn to the Smorgasbord Scrapbooking Style Tink. Sounds like the topic for a future article.

  3. Antoinette May 14, 2008 at 6:33 pm #

    Love Smorgasbord! In real life and as Scrapbooking style :)