A Page Out of Life – Book Review

A Scrapbooking Novel by Kathleen Reid

Well with a headline like that you’d just have to try it out, wouldn’t you?

So I got my copy and started reading it late Friday evening.

By the time I’d finished it on Sunday afternoon I realised I’d just blown the whole weekend!

Who knew a scrapbooking novel could be that interesting?


Here’s the blurb synopsis of the story:

A frazzled mother of four, Ashley lets her best friend drag her to a meeting of the local scrapbook club, and she’s amazed at the way old photos and mementos can bring vivid color to sepia-toned memories.

Among the surprisingly diverse group is Tara, a single grad student whose search for love, like her relationship with her absentee father, has only brought her heartache — and some funny dating stories.

Then there’s Libby, a semi-retired teacher who thought she’d spend her golden years taking cooking and photography classes — not as a town pariah after her son is charged in a corporate scandal.

As Ashley copes with a husband whose love for her fluctuates with her weight, she comes to depend more and more on her scrapbooking sisters. For only together can they face earthshattering revelations and emotionally unavailable men — and figure out their futures while artfully commemorating their pasts.

I truly wasn’t expecting it to be a page turner from that synopsis but it absolutely is.

The Scrapbooking theme is more like a background thread which is woven through the stories of three women.

You really get involved with their lives and as each chapter ends with a bit of a cliff-hanger before jumping to what’s happening with another of the three, you really want to keep reading to find out what happens.

Kathleen Reid’s style is fast paced and easy to read and I found myself able to identify with so many of the aspects of these women’s lives.

The scrapbooking group which runs in the background forms a solid base of friendship and personal support for a diverse group of women.

It is woven into the fabric of the stories of the three women that the book focuses on but it’s not what their stories are about.

Much like in real life, scrapbooking plays its part in helping us to keep balance in our lives and sometimes a bit of therapy to get through the tough times.

So if you like stories that are about people and their lives, and if you like a book that is fast paced whilst still taking time to draw strong word pictures of its characters, have a read of A Page Out of Life.

Oh, and the Scrapbooking theme is cool too.

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