Texture Tuesday with Wildheart

Wildheart of Wildheart’s Works brings you Texture Tuesday. Wildheart is a Paintshop Pro expert, but I know you’ll enjoy the tips and tricks even if you’re not a PaintShop Pro user. And you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you work with textures in your own program.

This week I want to share a design inspired by a tutorial I found over at Photoshop Garden

I liked the texture of the sample provided for the tutorial and I followed it as closely as I could with Paint Shop Pro. In the part of the tutorial where it asks you to create the horizontal bars with the marquee tool, that carries over tool for tool from Photoshop to Paint Shop Pro. There were only a couple of things I had problems with.

One was getting the darker dodge effect in the middle of the page. Instead I got a lightened effect which, as you can see from the end result, wasn’t an issue

I also had a hard time getting the words inside the main text so I went with just the simple text effect. In retrospect writing this article I think I know what I needed to do now and will try it again some other time.

I then used kang filters to colorize the texture the way it is added some champaign style bubble tubes and then added the simple rough edges frame. The frame and tube come standard with Paint Shop Pro version 9. You will have to take a look at your tube and frame files in your respective version to see if they are included. If not please let me know and I can send them to you.

Which at this point I want to add if you have any questions, thoughts or tips and tricks you want to see done don’t hesitate to email at joecheray@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to help you out

Here is the initial texture:


Here is the finished product:


You can get the kang filter by visiting Jumbo PSP Site

I liked this so much I decided to use it for my background over on Twitter for a little while.

Note: Joe no longer maintains Wildheart’s Web so all links there have been disabled.


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  1. Paul May 27, 2008 at 11:37 pm #

    That’s really cool – I’m going to forward this to my wife. She’s a big user of photoshop for work, and plays around with Paint Shop Pro on the weekend.

    Paul’s last blog post..Wide Angle Lens