June’s Hybrid Heart

Last week I wrote an article on Hybrid Scrapbooking that woke an interest in a number of Scraps of Mind readers.

June from Scrapping by Design left this comment under the article:

“…I am currently making one of those little chipboard albums that is cut in a funky heart shape and fastened together with a ring on one side. I scanned one of the heart shaped pages into the computer, resized the image to make the heart about 25% smaller than the original, then using Photoshop’s Paste Into command, I pasted my pictures into the heart. The result is images that are the exact shape of the funky heart, but smaller so I can attach them to the book and have room for a border and embellishments. It would be tricky to do that if you didn’t use digital tools to get the effect.”

I really liked the sound of that and showed June a purse album I had made last year for my niece’s 18th birthday. And I asked June to let me know if she posted a picture of her purse album on the Internet so I could go and look at it.

Well, what an over-achiever June is!

Not only did she complete her album and put it up on the Internet, but she even made a video about it and put it on YouTube!

How cool is that?

So when you’ve had a look at this video, why not click over and check out Scrapping by Design. It’s a new blog but already June has a number of handy tutorials and scrapbook ideas on it that you’ll find useful; especially for the paper scrapbookers amongst you.

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Want to get into digital scrapbooking so you too can make cool projects like this?

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