Texture Tuesday with Wildheart

Wildheart of Wildheart’s Works brings you Texture Tuesday. Wildheart is a Paintshop Pro expert, but I know you’ll enjoy the tips and tricks even if you’re not a PaintShop Pro user. And you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you work with textures in your own program.

How to Create Text Effects

You can use various methods to create text effects using textures, tubes, brushes, masks whatever you can think of. Your only limit is your imagination.

Since summer time is fast approaching and the 4th of July, for those Scraps of Mind readers who are in the United States I thought I would do a combination seasonal and holiday type effect.


To attain this effect you need to go into new>transparent>640 by 480

Then select the font of your choice I chose Salmon font at 24 point with my stroke width set at 2.0 and my line style at solid. I chose a color of #df1111.
To fill in the letters you need to take your magic wand tool and then just select somewhere outside the text then go to selections>invert this will give you the ability to go in and fill in each part of the letter.

Now I want to suggest that if you really want this effect to work and look nice you should choose a font that will give you enough room inside the letters to work with.

After I finished this I then went in my gradients and chose foreground red>linear>0 Angle>1 Repeat.

You want to make sure when you do this you are working with your foreground color in your materials pallet.

I then took my flood fill tool and filled in each part of the letters. I didn’t like the slight pixelated look I got so I went into Adjust>Soft Focus set my softness to 26,my Edge Importance to 19 and my Halo Amount to 25, Size to 58 and Visibility to 37.

Before I added some effects inside the lettering, I made sure to continue to keep my magic wand tool selected. I went into my tubes and used the fireworks tube to fill in the letters and then I went into selections>select none so I could add the white sparkles and my copyright. I scaled down both tubes so they looked cohesive with the font size.

You can play around with this in so many ways. This is one of the first things I learned how to master when I decided to get serious about learning Paint Shop Pro inside and out.


To earn this certificate one of the things we had to learn in the course was text effects. You can find this course over at webtechU.com.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you want me to make your name in text just email me at joecheray@gmail.com and let me know what colors, textures,and images you like and I would be happy to fix you something that you can use as part of your signature for blog posts, or even emails.

Note: Joe no longer maintains Wildheart’s Web so all links there have been disabled.

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  1. Tink June 21, 2008 at 5:01 am #

    Will have to give this a try and soon. Thanks Joe and Karooch for having you. :)


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