Texture Tuesday with Wildheart

Wildheart of Wildheart’s Works brings you Texture Tuesday. Wildheart is a Paintshop Pro expert, but I know you’ll enjoy the tips and tricks even if you’re not a PaintShop Pro user. And you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you work with textures in your own program.

I found this weeks inspiration while searching for skins for my son’s Gameboy Advance and my laptop. I saw a very nicely done reptile type textured skin for a laptop and I was always fascinated with the metallic alloy surface of the Terminator skull.

The first texture I did was a tin foil type of texture. I actually just played around with the randomize properties button and after a few clicks I found the result I was looking for. Foil textures can come in handy for making scrapbook pages about weddings, baptisms perhaps, a golden or silver anniversary, or maybe a championship sports page with a foil texture behind the trophy picture to emphasize the gold, or silver of the trophy.

To get this result on your own if you want to try it out on your paint shop program open up a new image, deselect transparent, pick a gray gradient.

Then go to Effects>texture effects>Textures>Tin Foil (if you don’t have it in your textures you can Google it and find one similar to the one I used). Then for your size set to 154, smoothness to 51, depth to 31, ambiance to 82, shininess to 39, angle to 255, intensity to 42, elevation to 56, color values R:107,G:96,B:89

This next one is a nice reptilian type of texture. Ok yeah I know, when are you ever going to use a reptile texture? You can use it for making scrapbook pages about your child’s favorite pet lizard, pet frog even though a frog is an amphibian, pet turtle, you get the idea. Last night at my church’s fun fest they had a reptile petting zoo. It was an interesting change of pace from goats,and sheep.

This is the one I did for this weeks post.

I chose a redeye gradient, snake skin texture, set the size to 71,smoothness to 54, depth to 4, ambience to -58,shininess to 89, angle to 309, intensity to 40, elevation to 35 and chose a color of

This is another texture I did similar to the one above that I still like and am very proud of. Now I don’t remember the exact settings I did for this one as it has been a very long time since I made it, but I am offering it up any way as a freebee as the two textures above have my watermark on them.

Also I still want to mention that I would still be interested in doing word art for you like I did last week with the summertime lettering. Just give me a shout over at joecheray@gmail.com with your favorite colors, tubes, and image effects and whatever else you can think of.

Note: Joe no longer maintains Wildheart’s Web so all links there have been disabled.

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6 Responses to Texture Tuesday with Wildheart

  1. Joe Cheray June 25, 2008 at 1:47 am #

    As I was reading this to see how the textures looked I noticed I left out something with the second texture the color hex value is #d9173c in the line at the end where it says “choose a color of”

    My apologies. I write my submissions in Google Docs and then just email them directly to Karen and while this is a great time saver, sometimes errors can and do occur.


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