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Wildheart of Wildheart’s Works brings you Texture Tuesday. Wildheart is a Paintshop Pro expert, but I know you’ll enjoy the tips and tricks even if you’re not a PaintShop Pro user. And you’ll find plenty of ideas to help you work with textures in your own program. In fact in this week’s segment she actually converts a Photoshop tutorial to Paint Shop Pro.

Sometimes the best laid plans invariably go wrong.

As I was preparing for this week’s installment, my cat decided to waylay my plans. So today I am going to offer a ‘best of’ block of textures for you that I am extremely proud of.

I had managed to get two real life textures snapped with my new camera until my cat decided she wanted to play with the nice gray string used for carrying on the wrist and my camera took a nose dive and now the digital readout is all messed up. Now I have to wait until August 2nd to get it replaced if I want Kodak to replace it for free. Long story. I spent all day on the phone today explaining what happened and they said they can’t do anything until the service plan I purchased kicks in.

So without further ado I am showcasing what I think are my best textures I have done so far this year.

This is one I did in honor of The Fourth of July here in the United States

I used a board pattern and a darker gray on this one to give it a board texture instead.

These bricks were made using a mask and a gray background.

Some of you may recognize this one from a previous Texture Tuesday.

I tried to mimic a painted wall that has some texture to it.

This one was done using a mask and a white background.

This one has gotten well over 1,200 views over on Flickr

You are free to snag these I would be interested in seeing what you make out of them. As always if you have any tips or tricks that you want me to investigate and present please email me at joecheray@gmail.com

Note: Joe no longer maintains Wildheart’s Web so all links there have been disabled.

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