Scrapbooking Your Life Story – Part 7

Welcome to this week’s episode in this fantastic series on How to Scrapbook Your Life Story from Kylie Moore of My Digital Life. Enjoy this segment and if you missed the previous episodes, the links are just below. Once again, Kylie has a special freebie to help you on your journey. See below for the link.

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I hope your story writing skills have gotten a work-out this week, and you have started down your trail of writing Narratives.

Once you get started it is a lot of fun trying to remember the fine details of events and activities. Trying to make your story come alive with detail, and to walk your reader along in your shoes.

As promised here are a few more prompters to assist you in developing your Narrative.

  • The Good and The Bad – Think about events in your life that may have started out disappointing, but in the end turned out to be a positive experience. Remember to think about the details and to give them life.
  • Personal Goals – Has there been a time that you achieved a goal? Think about what led you to set your goal, any difficulties/challenges met in reaching this goal, and finally the feelings associated with achieving it.
  • Favourite childhood place – think about those special places you played in as children. It might have been the big old tree in the backyard, the local playground, or like us the drain system at the end of our street. Did you make up fantastical games, or did you just hide and chat. Maybe bring to life the games you played, make a story out of the games. When I think about this prompter, I think about the book ‘Drac and Gremlin’ by Allan Baille and illustrated by Jane Tanner. It is a gorgeous book that depicts children’s dramatic play.
  • Your best friends – share some of the details of your intimate relationships, these could be your childhood friendships, and those that have formed as you entered adulthood. Have you any friendships that have stood the test of time?

As you can see there are many ways to use a Narrative style for telling your stories. You are giving your lifestory more colour, moving beyond the standard journaling of using dates, times and places.

If you aren’t feeling confident with writing narratives, you could start with writing lists. This will give you the detail you need, which is sometimes the hardest part of getting started. 

Some of the lists you could make include:

  • Funny things that have happened to you, as a child, at school, at work, with your friends
  • Your favourite places, small intimate places around your home, magical islands and places you want to visit
  • Things that you have achieved that you are most proud of

Making lists is a fantastic way to trigger those memories. You can keep adding to them over days, weeks or months. Store your lists in your album, stick them on a pin up board, keep them in your diary, or even scrap your lists. By ensuring they are close at hand you can easily add to them.

Click here to pick you your free List Papers

For this weeks freebie I have a collection of note papers, perfect for making lists. I hope you like them.

You can catch up on Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | of this series here.

You can read more of Kylie’s work and check out her designs at My Digital Life. Stay tuned for the next episode next week. Note: Kylie no longer maintains My Digital Life so I’m afraid all the links to her site are now disabled. But you can still follow her series by clicking on the episode links above

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