Not Enough Scrapbooking Space?

Well, let’s be honest. There’s never enough scrapbooking space, is there?

This is something that was brought home to me with a vengeance last year.

As long time readers of Scraps of Mind will know, I have been scrapbooking for over four years now and digital scrapbooking for three of them. You can read the saga of my scrapbooking journey here.

I love both paper and digital scrapbooking, and also combining them into hybrid scrapbook layouts.

But I never fully appreciated the benefits of digital scrapbooking until early in 2008, when my brother and his family came to live with me.

Population explosion

Don’t get me wrong. They are a great family to live with and I enjoy their company (plus Carol is a great cook). But the population of my little Victorian cottage suddenly exploded from one person to 4 + dog.

I had been used to the luxury of a whole room in which to store and spread out all my scrapbooking stuff (aaahhh…bliss!). Overnight I had to cram all my scrapbooking activities and storage into my bedroom. And I’m not one of Nature’s tidy people.

Talk about culture shock!

All I can say is “Thank God for Digital Scrapbooking!”

With all of my paper scrapbooking stash no longer handily available I really rely on my digital scrapbooking to keep me sane.

All I need is a computer and I can start, stop and resume projects instantly. I can have several projects on the go at the same time without losing all the bits and pieces. And when I complete my layouts, I can print them out and add extra ‘real life’ embellishments if I feel like it.

I prefer to print my scrapbook layouts in 8×8 format so I can use my home printer. I use a good quality photo card in a glossy or semi-gloss finish. And I have to say, I’m more than happy with the results.

Plus I find that 8×8 albums are so much easier to store on my bookshelves (remember storage is an issue for me these days).

I don’t think I’m the only one with this challenge

It struck me that there must be heaps of scrapbookers out there that are struggling with space issues. And scrapbookers who have small children; making it difficult to leave their scrapbooking stuff lying around whilst they work on their projects.

That was one of the motivations for me to set up the Step by Step Digital Scrapbook web site. I wanted to help people to get themselves started in digital scrapbooking by giving them all the information they need to get up and running.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t have lots of scrapbooking space available. And if you’re tired of all the packing and unpacking of your supplies whenever you want to spend half an hour on your favourite hobby, then click over to Step by Step Digital Scrapbook and see how easy it is to get yourself started in digital scrapbooking.

Once you start, you’ll never look back.

And if you’ve come up with your own solutions to solve your scrapbooking storage and workspace challenges, why not share them below in the comments section.

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One Response to Not Enough Scrapbooking Space?

  1. Monica February 20, 2009 at 9:50 pm #

    I’m in the same situation, thanks for sharing.