Google wins the Readers Survey

A couple of weeks ago I ran a survey to try and discover where the majority of my readers actually came from.

Now some some readers have been members of the Scraps of Mind community for such a long time that it’s not surprising that they can’t actually remember how they originally found me. After all I’ve been writing this blog for nearly three and a half years, and a few of you have stuck with me from the early days. And believe me, I do appreciate it.

But 36 people did actually have a go at remembering how they found Scraps of Mind and voted on the survey.

Now I generally find that surveys only tend to attract a minor percentage of the total population. But I figure that the percentage of people who do participate are a fairly good cross section of the total. So I’m happy to go with the percentage split of this sample and assume it reflects the total Scraps of Mind readership.

And the results were really interesting.


Click on the graph for a larger view

One of the reasons that I conducted this survey was to see whether all the masses of traffic that flows through Scraps of Mind through Entrecard were actually people who were interested in this blog for its own sake or whether they were all just ‘drop and run’ folk who just hit the site, drop their card and move on. So I stopped dropping on Entrecard a couple of weeks before the survey to see what would happen.

Unsurprisingly my daily traffic dropped significantly. Most heavily active Entrecard users really don’t have time to do more that respond to people who drop on them and don’t really actually get to read the blogs they visit. I totally understand this because I used to be part of the dropping set and when you hit 150-250 blogs a day it’s virtually impossible to actually read many of them. And in fact, I’ve now decided to remove the Entrecard widget from Scraps of Mind and focus on spending more quality time on blogs than just traffic hunting.

So I was really surprised to find that 22% of my readers are people who found me through Entrecard and who have stuck around to visit even though I have stopped dropping. That’s sensational and I thank you and love you all.

I was a bit surprised that only 11% of readers came here through StumbleUpon. I have been pretty active on StumbleUpon over the past couple of years and it has sent a lot of traffic to Scraps of Mind. So I thought that I might have had a higher retention rate that 11%. But for those of you who did stick around, thank you all very much for your support.

But as you can see from the graph, the clear winner as a source of new readers for Scraps of Mind is search engines. In the main that means Google although I’m sure there are other search engines involved too.

Now this didn’t come as a complete surprise to me. I check my WordPress stats on a regular basis and I get a constant and regular flow of traffic through Google on many of my articles. I try to apply some SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques when I write to give my articles a bit of an edge in the search engines (thank you Blog Mastermind). And the great thing about that is that it keeps on working long after the articles have been posted. I still get new blog traffic on Articles that I wrote over a year ago!

But the important thing for me is that many of you who discovered Scraps of Mind by typing a few words into a search engine have decided that you think it’s worthwhile sticking around and reading on a regular basis.

And for all of you who read Scraps of Mind and especially for those of you who did the survey and who left a comment I’d just like to say a big thank you.

Without you readers this blog is just one woman shouting into the wind.

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