10 Speedy Scrapbook Ideas

We all get those ‘no mojo’ days don’t we? Hey sometimes it’s more like ‘no mojo’ weeks even.

So here are ten speedy scrapbooking ideas which I hope will intrigue and inspire you and maybe just kick start that mojo again.

  1. Attach a transparent sheet over your photo with a couple of brads and doodle onto the sheet with marker pens to dress up your photo without accidentally ruining it.
  2. Layer a couple of scrap ends from your ribbons over each other at right angles to make funky casual photo corners. You can dress them up even more with brads or flowers to make a great corner accent for your photo.

    This scrapbook layout is from the Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Intermediate Tutorial 5

  3. Let your journaling flow onto your photos where there is a blank space on the photo. This will help to anchor both the journaling and the photo.
  4. Use your computer to create unique and funky titles instead of buying alphabets. If you have photo editing software you can apply interesting styles and filters to the letters but even in Word you can dress them up or use the Word Art feature. Print out your title and add embellishments and you’re done. It’s best to choose a chunky style font for your titles. Check out my Downloading and Installing Fonts video to show you how easy it is to get a collection of free fonts.
  5. Use your kids words to create the inspiration for your scrapbook layout. Ask them what their memories of an event were and use their words as your title to create your journaling.
  6. Make your own rub-ons by printing your design onto a transparent sheet using your home computer. You can read how to do it here.
  7. Make the key words and phrases in your journaling stand out to add visual interest and emphasis. If you print your journaling use the bold feature on your key words or change the font and font-size for those words. If you hand write your journaling choose a different color for your key words or print them in upper case. You can use a highlighter to make them stand out and even a simple underline will add emphasis.

    This Scrapbook layout is from Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Tutorials – Intermediate 6

  8. Run a piece of sand paper lightly over the top of embossed paper to make the pattern really stand out. It also gives the paper a slightly vintage or grungy look.
  9. Make multiple copies of your focal photo and fan them out slightly behind it. This makes a lovely matt to frame your photo. It looks good if you print the matt photos in monochrome and leave the top one in color.
  10. Try out a completely different style of scrapbooking than you’re used to. If you’re a simple scrapbooker try using lots of embellishments, If you’re a collage scrapbooker try making a minimalist layout. If you usually only use one photo on a scrapbook layout try making one with multiple photos. I became interested in the AZZA scrapbooking style and tried out making an album of a trip down the Rhine River using this style. I found focussing on learning a new scrapbooking style really helped me kick off my mojo meltdown.


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    I’d agree…