Collages and Colors

Today’s article is a Guest Post from Dee who’ll be sharing some ideas on making collages that will hopefully spark your creative imagination.

Collages and Colors

A collage is similar to a mosaic style piece of artwork, crafted from paper, card, moving boxes, photos or any other paper-based medium (and if you’re digitally minded you can create great collaged scrapbook layouts on your computer, but that’s another article). The pieces are glued together, on a larger piece of card stock or plywood to create a bigger over-all picture. Paper-based collages can be an extremely effective medium and a wonderful form of self-expression.

Photo Collages

Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Intermediate Tutorial 9 shows you how to make this photo collage layout. Just click on the layout to go there.

Photo collages are a fun way to create a montage of your pictures of your favourite people, places or landmarks. Take a photo showing a person you want in the collage and cut out the person, along with any background that you wish to keep. Place the cut-out on a piece of clean card or paper and leave it where you would like it to sit in the final draft. Cut out all your other favourite items and place them in the best possible position on the card, until it is totally filled up. Move the pieces about until you are happy with their positioning and the way they overlap each other, then use a safe (acid-free) glue to stick them to the card. Once they are all stuck down you can use a photo frame with glass to protect your photo collage and have it remain in excellent condition for many years. If you’re making a scrapbook layout one of the elements you should incorporate into your collage design is your title. You might print this out on your computer and cut it out, mount it on some card and add to the mix. Or you might use some chipboard alphas which you can cover with paper or paint. If you use large alphas it’s a nice idea to use them for your journaling too. Just keep is short and simple so it doesn’t become too crowded.

Color Collages

Abstract art is mostly color and shape based and is a great way to teach children how to be artistic. You can use colored construction paper for these types of collages and you can either make up a picture or just stick random colored pieces to the artwork. There doesn’t need to be a real sense of composition on these kinds of collages because what you are trying to create is a colourful, eye-catching collage. You can choose either pastel or primary colors, pattern wallpaper or gift wrapping paper. The choice is yours. Anything which is bright and contrasting, effective and eye-catching and highly artistic will capture yours and other people imaginations. If you use paper which is sealed—like wallpaper—you can also opt to varnish it afterward and protect it.

Fabric Collages

Fabric is another brilliant medium for making collages. You can choose any type of fabric that you prefer, whether it be old sheets and pillow cases, old dresses and shirts or old jeans and trousers. Drapes material is also another idea. It really can be anything suitable. The best form of backing for a fabric collage is ply wood or hard board. You should always use a suitable glue that will not burn the fabric or cause it to discolor. You can also use staples around the edges and complete the piece of artwork by adding beading, to make a make-shift frame—or simply use a picture frame.

There is no limit to what you can create when you make a collage. It really is about what comes out of your imagination and what you want your finished piece to look like. You can make a collage to fit an entire wall, or just make smaller version to use as pictures or scrapbook layouts.

Dee is a travel writer and amateur photographer who loves a good scrapbooking session, especially when she feels the need to reminisce about the time when photos weren’t all stored digitally (God rest polaroids!)

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  1. rochelle September 20, 2011 at 12:17 am #

    Thanks for this post Dee! I love scrapbooking, its a great way to keep memories instead of just having photos at the back of the cupboard. You can keep a scrapbook forever. I love your ideas.


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