Fram – the iPhone cover for scrapbookers

Fram iPhone cover









There seems to be 20million iPhone covers on the market these days. But how about one that’s all about YOU?

The Fram iPhone cover is designed so that you can make a little scrapbook layout and slip it in the back so your phone is absolutley uniquely you.

I reckon that’s pretty cool don’t you?

The cover costs $25 but you can get an early bird special for $15 by jumping on board now.

Just head to their website here

and place your order.

Now there’s one thing you should know. This is a start-up company and this project will only go ahead if they get $30000 worth of orders by July 21. They need that to make the whole thing financially viable.  If they don’t make that target they won’t process your order because they won’t be going ahead with the manufacture.

You can see how it all works by visiting their site

There’s a video which shows you how it works.

And if you don’t have an iPhone but would like to kick in a few bucks to help the project get started they’re taking pledges from as little as $1.

So why not click on over and see what it’s all about. And maybe you’ll be sporting a personalised iPhone soon too.


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