Scrapbooking Tip: Printing on Shiny Paper

So I made this card for my niece’s wedding.

To be honest, I made it three times. How come things that look so simple end up being the hardest to do.

Anyway finally I had the card the way I wanted it and it was time to do the inside.

I decided to use the shiny finish paper that I had used on the front of the card as the inside panel and to print my sentiment and greeting on it. What I didn’t realise is that ink jet printer ink doesn’t dry well on shiny paper (unless it’s proper glossy printing paper). So every time I printed out my greeting it ended up smudging all over the place.

I was losing my patience with it when my friend Jackie (The Embossing Queen) suggested that I sprinkle clear embossing powder on my printed greeting and give it a whiz with the heat gun.

Result: Brilliant! As you can see here.

So that’s one printing tip that’s well worth remembering so you don’t end you wasting sheets of your best shiny paper.

And another suggestion is not to use the ‘best’ setting on your printer. I would normally always choose the ‘best’ setting when printing on shiny photo paper but it doesn’t give good results when printing on shiny paper that’s not designed for printing on. Just use your normal setting and you’ll get a much crisper print. And once you do the clear embossing it really stands out.

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And if you have some handy printing tips of your own please share them here in the comments.

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