Why do you scrapbook?

I was thinking about this question today and I realised that my reasons for scrapbooking have evolved over the last eight years that I’ve been doing it.

This may be a similar story to your own, when you start to think about it.

My first scrapbook album was born when I was frustrated by having the memories of a trip to France scattered across different media (Photo CD, trip diary CD and accumulated memorabilia. It really bugged me that I couldn’t enjoy them all together.

Then I saw a scrapbooking magazine at a friend’s place which totally excited and inspired me so that I rushed home and compiled my first album over the next two weeks. Yes I can be obsessive.

Even though this album is the first one I made, so the style is fairly basic, I still love sitting down with a cup of coffee and reminiscing through its pages. I think that says a lot for the success of it.

I’d never been one for taking lots of photos and organising them in a photo album. And I realised that I had never really ‘saved’ any of the memories of my daughter’s childhood in a tangible way that she could browse through them in the future. My mother had passed on a few years earlier and I was starting to recognise the memory gaps that I had of my own childhood.

This is the layout you make in Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Advanced Tutorial 3

So I started an album about Seona’s life. This is an ongoing project but it’s scary to discover how many memories have faded away

I don’t have many photos of my parents but I’ve started scrapbooking about them so as not to let those memories slip away too.

This was a wonderful world where I could manipulate the older photos that I had to change the size, improve the color and quality and create layouts that did them justice. I could combine digital elements from different kits and resize them or change the color to coordinate with the layout that I had in my mind.

And I could do all that without racing off to the scrapbook shop every time a new idea popped into my head.

By now my scrapbooking was as much about creating a piece of art as it was about preserving a memory.

And I was so excited about that that I wanted to help other scrapbookers have a chance to experience it too. So I created the Step by Step Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials to help others to make the jump and add another dimension to their scrapbooking.

That’s been good. I’ve received heaps of emails from people who love the tutorials and how they’ve made it easy for them to make the jump to digital scrapbooking. That makes me very happy.

So I added to that with The Garden Party Mega kit which is a humongous digital scrapbooking freebie kit. If you haven’t joined The Party I recommend you do. It’s free and there are no strings attached.

And what now?

This is the layout you make with Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Intermediate Tutorial 6

Well I’ve just discovered the world of genealogy. I’m starting to explore my family history, which is challenging when there are no family members here for me to ask questions of. But I’ve discovered a whole branch of my family who emigrated to the US (I live in Australia) and I’m amazed at how much information can be gleaned from the official records.

This will obviously find some way of getting translated into scrapbooking. So that it can be shared with the rest of my family here in Australia.

And all of this is because of that first scrapbook album.

How about you? Have the rea

sons that you scrapbook today evolved from when you first started?

If you’ve read to the end of this story why not take a moment to stop and think about it. And maybe share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.


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