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Five Freebies on Friday

It’s Freebie Friday again. Enjoy

Remember to leave some love when you download your freebie. It costs you nothing and means a lot to the designer.

  1. Pick up Miss Mint’s complementary kit each month at Peppermint Creative.
  2. April at DigiApe Designs has a couple of very cute Quick Pages. Get over there quick because she removes her freebies after two weeks to refresh her stocks.
  3. Over at Nana’s Attic Anita is offering some absolutely gorgeous kits. They come complete with coordinating doodles and overlays.
  4. There are some yummy goodies at This and That by Claudie. You need to drill down on the posts to find the freebies.
  5. And finally, pick up some groovy templates and word art from Tracy’s Scraps.

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Free Digital Downloads
Digital Scrapbooking Freebies with each issue of Scrap Girls newsletter

Five Freebies on Friday

Here are some more gorgeous freebies for you.

Remember to leave some love when you download your freebie. It costs you nothing and means a lot to the designer.

  1. Sparky’s Scratches. Antoinette has some gorgeous freebie kits to offer including this week’s great Harry Potter range.
  2. Bibime’s Freebies has some very cool templates on offer.
  3. Digital Freebies offers freebies each Friday which look quite scrumptious.
  4. Digitreats Blog. Pamela has some gorgeous kits and templates.
  5. Maria and Laura of Bau de Ideias are offering a scrumptious mini album.

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Five Freebies on Friday

Here are some more Freebie sites to end the week on.

Remember to leave some love when you download your freebie. It costs you nothing and means a lot to the designer.

  1. is a feast of free digital elements. Use them in your digital layouts or print them out for great accens on your traditional layouts.
  2. Kuoha Designs, Ink. Joy offers a weekly freebie on her blog. She designs great stuff so it’s well worth a visit.
  3. A-Z Lyrics Universe. Song lyrics make a great theme idea for a layout and exerpts from songs are great for journaling. here is a smorgasbord of song lyrics for you to choose from.
  4. Mermaid’s Haven. Candee offers regular freebies on her blog. Another great designer so I recommend you check hers stuff out.
  5. have some great free transparencies. Download them and print them on acrylic transparency sheets for your traditional scrapbook layouts or use them as overlays on digital layouts.

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10 Top Scrapbook Freebie Sites

10 Top Scrapbook Freebie Sites

The Internet Scrapbooking World abounds with free scrapbook kits and elements that are of very high quality and great design. Here are a few of my favorite scrapbook freebie sites I recommend you visit.

  1. Scrap Girls: This is a wonderful friendly and supportive scrapping community that offers a magnificent huge free scrapbook kit called Refresh to kick you off. Be sure to sign up for the free newsletter which comes out 6 days a week, is a great read and offers a freebies in each newsletter. If you want to know more check out my review.
  2. Digital Scrapbook Place: A large but friendly digital scrapbooking site that offers a weekly freebie and also regular freebies to folk who join in the organised chats.
  3. Two Peas in a Bucket: Great paper and digital scrapbooking site. They offer a free digi-scrapbook kit each month.
  4. Shabby Princess: Great designs. The Princess offers free kits from time to time and they stay on her home page indefinitely so there’s quite a back catalog to download.
  5. Love Laugh and Learn: Our very own Andrea. Featured in my post last week. She’s really starting to get going designing lovely kits and offering them for free on her blog. I just wrote a recent post about this.
  6. A Little of What We Like: Bonnie’s blog (formerly known as Scrapping till the Cows Come Home). Bonnie still offers freebies and she now offers a free newsletter with even more freebies. See this review for more info.
  7. Cottage Arts: Michelle Schefveland offers a great Freebie kit in each monthly newsletter and a lot of the previous month’s ones are still available on the side for download.
  8. Scrapbook Bytes: A great library of freebies in their download section.
  9. A Cherry on Top: A division of Stickers Galore. It has a small library of interesting freebies. Registered users just need to sort by price in their shop to easily find them.
  10. Simply Clean Digi Scraps: Melanie has ‘retired’ from designing for a couple of year, but as of the date of this post her catalog of great freebies is still available for download. However I can’t guarantee how long she’ll leave it up so grab them whilst you can.

Remember that you’ll probably need to register at many of these sites to be able to access these freebies. But hey, it’s worth it isn’t it?

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Published…for the very first time.

Those of you who have had your work published in ‘real life’ magazines can hopefully still remember the thrill of actually seeing your own layout staring back at you from the glossy pages of a big name magazine for the very first time. So I hope you will be indulgent whilst I just take a short moment to say


whilst jumping up and down and waving my hands in the air.

A thread that was started a couple of months ago on the Scrap Girls message board encouraged us to share some constructive feedback so we could submit our layouts for publication. I had never done this before but I thought, hey why not? I was completely blown away when the very first layout I have ever submitted was accepted by Scrapbooking Memories (Australian version). I was also stunned at how excited I felt about that.

And now the magazine is finally in print and my layout is enshrined for posterity (well for me to gloat over in future years at least).

So to celebrate this momentous occasion I made this ‘layout of the layout’ using the same template and fabulous Art Journal Kit from Scrap Girls that I used in the original, but giving them a different look. And I thought I would share the ragged edge curvy template I made for the layout with you as a Freebie.
You can download here. I’ve saved it as a .PNG so it is portable across a number of graphics editing programs.


(written for PSE but should be easy to follow in other editing programs):

  1. Create a new 12×12 inch 300dpi document to work in so you don’t accidentally save your changes over an original file.
  2. Open the 3 template files into your graphics editing program. Decide whether you want the curve vertical or horizontal and rotate the template files 90 degrees if required (>Image>Rotate>90 degrees left or right).
  3. Click on File 1 and drag from your editing window into the new document you have created using the Move tool (Arrow icon at the top of the tool bar).
  4. Open the patterned paper you have chosen for your foreground and drag it onto your document.
  5. Press Ctrl G, and then Ctrl E and your paper is cut to the shape of your template.
  6. Drag your photo or photo’s into your document and then in the layers palette drag the photo layer(s) below your foreground paper layer.
  7. Position your photo(s) to your liking.
  8. Click on File 2 and drag from your editing window into your document. And in the layer palette position it above your photo(s) but below your foreground patterned paper.
  9. You can now drag the curved side in as far as you like to cover as much of your photo edges as your choose.
  10. Now drag a coordinating paper into your document, position it directly above the File 2 layer in the layer palette and press Ctrl G, then Ctrl E.
  11. Repeat Steps 8, 9 and 10 for File 3 using the same coordinating paper.
  12. If your photos have not covered the centre portion of your layout, either drag another paper into your document, positioning it at the bottom of the layer stack, or fill the paint bucket with a coordinating colour and dump it onto the background layer at the bottom of your layer stack. You can play with some effects to get some interesting texture on your background if you choose.
  13. Add some drop shadows, a title and a couple of embellishments and your layout is complete.

Hope you enjoy.

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