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Scrapbooking recipes for iPads

Question 1: Do you use an iPad or other brand tablet?

Question 2: Do you use it in the kitchen?

The iPad/tablet has jumped into our lives in the last few years with people from all walks of life and age demographics succumbing to the lure of the portable, instant, shareable photo album.

But there are many other things you can use your iPad for; including as a recipe book!


With all the cool imaginative covers for these units that can make them stand up easily on your work surface they are perfect for using in the kitchen when you’re cooking. And it’s easy to wipe the grubby swipe fingermarks off when you’re done.

But you don’t just have to get your recipes from the Internet.

Try scrapbooking your own favourites and loading them onto your iPad. That way you’ll have a lovely picture to look at whilst you’re cooking.


You can keep them all together in a folder/album and categorise them as you like.
And cooking with your scrapbook recipe cards is sure to brighten your day.


Since you don’t intend to print them out I suggest you create a ‘save for the web’ copy of your scrapbook recipe card to upload to your iPad. That way it won’t take up much memory.

So I’ve gone through the Free Digital Scrapbook Recipe Cards that I’ve given you in the past and made iPad/Tablet friendly versions of them for you to download. Just click on the images to open the bigger file and then save to your iPad (right mouse click and Save Image As…).


And think of me when you’re happily cooking up a storm in your kitchen with your super duper iPad scrapbook recipe book.

By the way, if you think this is a cool idea please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or wherever.

PS: If you want to download the high resolution scrapbook recipe cards for printing out you can get them here:

Free Scrapbooking Recipe Card– Fruity Chocolate Fudge

Recipe Scrapbooking – Chocolate Bread Pudding

Free Scrapbooking Recipe Book

Scrapbooking outside the Square

Generally speaking scrapbook layouts tend to be square.

Or sometimes rectangular shape.

And that’s usually pretty much it.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Let’s explore some ideas for scrapbooking outside the square and adding some extra variety to your scrapbook layouts.

Well the first shape that springs to mind after Square and Rectangle has got to be Circle doesn’t it?

And a circular scrapbook layout is so easy to make. And can be so effective.

See how I made this scrapbook layout here

And by the way, this works for both digital scrapbookers and traditional ones too.

OK so let’s try something a little bit more adventurous.

How about this Heart shaped layout I made for my daughter for Valentine’s Day?

I reckon it looks pretty cool; what do you say? And being a non standard shape gives it some extra ooomph.

You can get instructions for how to make a scrapbook layout like this here.

And yes, it works for both digital scrapbookers and paper scrapbookers.

Want some more shaped scrapbook layouts?

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Scrapbook Overlays

Garden Party Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Digital scrapbook overlays are one of the most versatile elements you can use.

They can take a plain paper and dress it up.

They can add a whole new level of dimension to a layout

They can help to unify and ground your scrapbook  layout design by providing an all round border.

They can be blended using the blending mode function in your graphics editing software to create heaps of different looks.

The list goes on. But I think you probably get the idea.

I like scrapbook overlays.

So I was a bit surprised when I discovered that I hadn’t included one in the Free Garden Party Mega Kit (if you’re not a member of  The Garden Party you can see what it’s about here).

… until now.

Click on the image to download

Don’t know how to use it?

Well here are some ideas

First drag the overlay onto your layout. (Tip: Hold the control key down whilst you drag. You’ll keep a better grip on it that way.)

  • You can recolor it by using the change color function in your software (Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Hue.Saturation in Photoshop Elements).
  • You can adjust the opacity to make it a softer border.
  • You can add a shadow to give it some extra dimension.
  • You can play with the blending modes in your software to change the look and feel of it. In the scrapbook layout below I’ve used the Luminosity blending mode to get this soft look.

  • You can do various combinations of the above. You might find that some actions will cancel out others. For example if you add a shadow after you’ve chosen a blending mode your overlay will revert back to Normal. Add your shadow first and then add the blending mode.
  • You can drag it down to the size of your photo and sit it on top to make a soft translucent frame.

And if you’ve never used overlays before I have a couple of video tutorials that will give you step by step help as well as showing you lots of other cool digital scrapbooking techniques. You can check them out here: Intermediate Tutorial 3 and Advanced Tutorial 4

They each come with their own complimentary digital scrapbooking kit which includes at least one overlay.

I hope you enjoy playing with the Garden Party Overlay. And please do upload a copy of any scrapbook layouts or cards that you make with it to the Garden Party Facebook Page.

Let me know what you think. And please share this on Facebook or Twitter or wherever you talk with other scrapbookers.

Digital Scrapbook Tutorial – Blending photos into the background

One of the many things I love about digital scrapbooking is blending.

You can blend several background papers together using different blending modes to give you a whole different looking paper.

And another very cool blending idea is to blend your photo into the background for a really funky look.


Blending photo into the background

Here’s how you do it I’ve used Photoshop Elements but this will work with any software program that lets you work with layers):

1. Open a new Scrapbook layout file and drag onto it the background paper of your choice.

2. Now drag your photo on and position/resize to suit your layout. Remember you’re going to remove a lot of the area around your focal subject so you may need to make the photo a bit larger than you otherwise would.

3. Select the Eraser tool from your tool bar and choose a grungy style brush from the drop down list in the top menu bar.

4. Now reduce the opacity of the brush in the menu bar. Probably 10-30% is a good range. If you don’t like it you can always back out of what you’ve done with the Undo button or Ctrl+Z keys.

5. Increase the size of the brush using the slider in the top menu bar or by pressing the ] key on your keyboard.

6. Now, with your photo layer selected, start dabbing around your photo with the Eraser brush. Start at the outside and work inwards. Don’t be too fussed on being precise, the effect you’re looking for is not one of precision. You’ll probably want to go over the outside edges several times so that you lose the hard edge of the photo. You can remove however much or little of the background as you like to give you the effect that you want.

7. Finally you can reduce the opacity of the photo a little to let it blend even more with the background. Just play with the opacity slider in your layers palette until you get the result that you like.

If you’re someone who picks things up more easily with visuals rather than text you might like to check out my Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Intermediate Tutorial 3 which shows you step by step how to do this (as well as some other very cool techniques you may find handy)

If you think this tutorial was useful please let me know in the comments below, otherwise I don’t know if I’m just talking to myself or not.

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How to beat Scrappers Block

If you’re a writer and you can’t come up with the right words to get started on that blank sheet of (virtual) paper it’s called Writers Block.

And if you’re a scrapbooker and you just can’t seem to get any ideas to get you started on that next scrapbook layout it’s called Scrappers Block.

And let’s face it, we’ve all experienced it. I defy any scrapbooker to tell me they’ve never had Scrappers Block at some time in their scrapbooking life. But if you’re that person feel free to share in the comments section below. I’ll happily bow down to you. My friend Antoinette is going through a severe case of mojo collapse at the moment and that has inspired me to write this post.

So getting past your Scrappers Block and into the land of free flowing creative juices is the challenge. And here are some ideas you might like to try to help you smash through the block.

  1. Take a browse through your scrapbook albums. A stroll down memory lane will not only help to relax your mind but it rekindle your enthusiasm, and hopefully your creativity, as you revisit some of your favourite moments and scrapbook layouts.
  2. Take a browse through someone else’s scrapbook albums. Check out your friend’s scrapbook layouts. Some may just reach out to you and plant little seeds in your creative mind. And if you don’t have a handy scrapbooking friend to turn to you can always turn to the Internet. Many scrapbooking sites host layout galleries and scrapbooking blogs like this one are a great place for creative information. You can check out all the Scraps of Mind articles which feature a scrapbook layout here.
  3. Scrapbook magazines can also provide a wealth of ideas. You can relax your mind as you flick through them and see what you’re drawn to. Try not to be too focused as this can inhibit your creative side from being receptive to any ideas.
  4. Try looking at magazine advertising with new eyes. Some of the best graphic layout artists around are behind the design and layout of the advertisements that you see in your magazines. Try looking at some which catch your eye and think how they might be adapted to make a scrapbook layout. The scrapbook layout on the left is an example of how I have used this scrapbooking blocker buster.
  5. Learn a new technique. Often I find that the inspiration for a new scrapbook layout design will come from learning how to do something new and then building the design around the new thing I’ve just learned. You’ll find plenty of ideas on Scraps of Mind. Just check out the Articles tab at the top of the page. And if you’re a digital scrapbooker (or would like to become one) take a look at my Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Tutorials. There is something for everyone from Beginner to Advanced.
  6. Make a card or an ATC. Working with a smaller canvas and without a focal photo will give your creative brain a different direction. And once you’re in the creative mode again it’s much easier to come up with ideas for your scrapbook layout.

All of these ideas have one thing in common: move away from trying to force your way through Scrappers Block and move your mind to a more relaxed state by taking the pressure off. It’s hard to be creative when you feel you’re under pressure.

And if all else fails, give yourself a break. Sometimes just going away and throwing yourself into doing something else, even if it’s something like cleaning out the linen cupboard, can provide your brain with the break it needs to enable it to be receptive to creative ideas again.

Do you have any particular things that you do to break through Scrappers Block? I’d love you to share them with us in the comments below. After all it’s something we all suffer with from time to time. So all ideas are welcome.

And if you enjoyed this article please share the link with your scrapbooking friends and click the Facebook Like button. Or maybe give it a thumbs up on Stumbleupon.

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