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Short digital scrapbooking tutorial videos to share some digital scrapbooking tips and techniques to improve your digital scrapbook layouts.

Word Art 101


Back in the day I used to write a weekly newsletter where I would send out free word art designs for you to use in your scrapbook layouts or your cards.

My Word Art tended to be quite eclectic, on many different topics but it was very much in my own style.

Since then I’ve had lots of enquiries about Word Art and whether I’ll be doing any more.

I probably will but until I do here’s some free word art from the archives for you to download.

And when you’re done, maybe you’d like to have a go at making your own.

Scroll down to the end and watch a short video that I made showing you how you can make your own Word Art.


Click on the Word Art to open the full size PNG file and then save it to your computer. That way you’ll get the high resolution version and not just the web sized image.

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Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial Sale

Massive discount on the Soup2Nuts Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial Course

Who knew learning could be this much fun?

Christmas is in sight. (Shakes head. Where did the year go? Again!)

And trying to find fun and interesting gifts for all your special someones can often be challenging.

So here’s a fun idea for a gift for your Mum, sister or special girlfriend (or for you, for that matter).

My Step by Step Digital Scrapbooking Course is a ‘soup to nuts’ digital scrapbooking course which will take you or your lucky someone from complete beginner to being an advanced digital scrapbooker in 25 easy lessons.

The 2012 Chri8stmas Special has finished

But you can still get a great discount on the Soup2Nuts  tutorials here

  • You get 50 videos (2 per lesson) which will take you by the hand and guide you easily through all the tricks and techniques to creating your own fantastic, unique and super-personal digital scrapbook layouts in Photoshop Elements. And these special creations can then be easily shared with all your family and friends.
  • As well, each lesson comes with a full sized complementary digital scrapbooking kit which includes all the elements that are used in making the demonstration scrapbook layout as well as many more so that you can customize and personalize your own versions. That’s 25 complementary digital scrapbook kits!
  • Plus you get a Techniques Sheet which you can print out and keep handy as you create your own digital scrapbook layouts .

The 2012 Chri8stmas Special has finished

But you can still get a great discount on the Soup2Nuts  tutorials here

And if you want to give this Special Christmas Gift to someone special in your life, you also get this Gift Card which you can print out and give to your Special Someone.

Each of these tutorials sell for $4.50 when purchased individually ($112.50 in total) and if you purchase the whole Soup2Nuts Course the normal price is $99.50 saving $13.

But the Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Soup2Nuts Course can be yours for just $69.50 if you buy before 24 December 2012.

That’s a further $30 reduction.

Bringing your total saving to a massive $43!

I only ever run a special deal on these tutorials at Christmas.

So if you’ve been toying with the idea of joining in all the fun of digital scrapbooking and making wonderful scrapbook layouts that you can share with all your friends and family, there’s never going to be a better time.

Remember on Christmas Day the price will bounce right back to the full price. That’s guaranteed!

So don’t miss out because the price will definitely be going back up again on Christmas Day.

The 2012 Chri8stmas Special has finished

But you can still get a great discount on the Soup2Nuts  tutorials here

How to use QuickPages in My Memories Suite

Quite a lot of you took advantage of the Scraps of Mind discount coupon to buy My Memories Suite when I did my review a few months ago. Incidentally the discount is still available to you. Details at the end of this post.

Even though My Memories Suite is super quick and easy to learn and to use, the web site still has lots of video tutorials to help you get the hang of things.

I thought this tutorial on using QuickPages might be something you’ll find handy. The first minute is promotional blurb but the rest is full of info not only on how to use the QuickPages to create instant digital scrapbook layouts, but also stuff on how to find QuickPages on the website, how to find your downloads on your computer etc.

The demo uses a very cute freebie QuickPage so you can go and do the same layout yourself with your own photos.

And yes, in case you didn’t realise, My Memories Suite web site has loads of freebies for you to download, and not just QuickPages either. Also you can use them with other software such as Photoshop Elements.

So here’s the video tutorial and don’t forget to check the Scraps of Mind discount deal below if you want to buy your own copy of My Memories Suite.




Get your Scraps of Mind discount on My Memories Suite

All you need to do is paste my special Scraps of Mind promotion code into the Promo Code box in the shopping cart

and you’ll get a whopping $10 discount of f the price of your My Memories Suite

PLUS you’ll get a $10 gift certificate to spend in their store.

So click here to go to My Memories Suite

And make sure you paste this code into the Promo Code box to get your Scraps of Mind Discount:


And you’ll be making digital scrapbook layouts in a fraction of the time it takes to watch this 20 minute video.

How to download and install free fonts

How to download and install fonts 

One of the fun things about digital scrapbooking is creating funky and unique titles for your digital scrapbook layouts using the features of your photo editing software.  You can see some examples in my Step by Step Digital Scrapbook  Tutorials.

See the Digital Scrapbook tutorial to make this scrapbook layout here See the Digital Scrapbook tutorial to make this scrapbook layout here See the Digital Scrapbook tutorial to make this scrapbook layout here

Although there are lots of fonts already in your computer’s font library somehow you can’t always seem to find the one that’s just right for the title that you have in mind.

Well you may not know it but there is a world of fonts available on the Internet and many of them are FREE!

So how can you get these free fonts and install them on your computer so that you can access them through Photoshop Elements (or whichever software you use) and even Word or Powerpoint? Well in this video I’ll show you how to download a font from one of the free font sites and how to install it into your computer’s font library so you can easily access it.

The tutorial shows you how to download a font from the Dafont free fonts site but all the other free font sites operate in pretty much the same way.  For a list of free font sites click on the links listed under this video.


You can see a full screen version of this video by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of the video.

Try these sites for free fonts:

And if you have any of your own favorite free font sites that you’d like to recommend to Scraps of Mind readers please share them in the comments below.

If you think this is a handy resource for others please share it by clicking the Facebook ‘Like’ button and/or givint it a thumbs up on StumbleUpon or Tweeting about it.

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How to Digital Scrapbook – From Soup 2 Nuts



How to Digital Scrapbook – From Soup 2 Nuts

One of the most satisfying things about running Scraps of Mind and Step by Step Digital Scrapbook is that I get to help people to surprise and amaze themselves at what they can do.

Marilyn, from Georgia in the US, is a perfect example of this.

Marilyn has been a paper scrapbooker for the past two years and then she decided that she wanted to branch out and try digital scrapbooking on her computer. But as you can see below Marilyn found herself with a few challenges in getting herself up to speed with digital scrapbooking.

When I first started I created all my pages by hand cutting and pasting every piece, as you know this took hours just to do one scrapbook page.  Then I began to start working with my computer to do all the pages, but I wanted to learn more. I invested many dollars into on line lessons that were so advanced that I could not understand what they were trying to teach me.

So she was pretty frustrated by the time she arrived at my Step by Step Digital Scrapbook site, following a recommendation from some of the people in the scrapbooking groups she belongs to.

Anyway she started out with the Beginners Tutorial course and before long she was working her way through the whole Soup2Nuts deal.

Check out the Step By Step Digital Scrapbook

Soup to Nuts Tutorial Package here

She describes the course here:

The levels advance from lesson to lesson starting with Beginners, Intermediate, then to Advance. Each section has several lessons teaching different and new ways to do projects. I have really enjoyed and understood each new thing that Karen is teaching.  Thank you Karen for each and every new lesson and video.

As well as the glowing words, Marilyn also sent me copies of some of her layouts which she has submitted into the challenges run by her scrapbooking groups. I think you’ll agree she’s done a great job with these.

Click on the thumbnails to see a bigger version of the layout then hit the Back button to return to the post)

In just a couple of short months Marilyn has gone from Zero to Hero as a Digital Scrapbooker. And I am seriously chuffed to have helped her to get there.

For those of you who are wanting to create super layouts like Marilyn’s but maybe think that you’re not computer savvy or technical enough to do it why not try out my first Beginners Tutorial which will guide you to making your very first digital scrapbook layout.

You’ll fall off your chair in amazement at what you can do. And once you pick yourself back up off the floor You can either move on to the rest of the Beginners Tutorials or you can get the full Soup to Nuts Tutorial Package which comes with discount and a bonus Techniques Sheet. And I’ll deduct the cost of the Beginners Tutorials you’ve already purchased.

So now you can become a digital scrapbooker the easy and no risk way.

Take a look at the Step By Step Digital Scrapbook

Soup to Nuts Tutorial Package now