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Short digital scrapbooking tutorial videos to share some digital scrapbooking tips and techniques to improve your digital scrapbook layouts.

Blending Your Own Scrapbook Backgrounds – Video Tutorial

I’ve just spent the last day and a half learning how to make web videos so I thought I’d unleash my new skill on you all.

Some of you may recall a previous digital scrapbooking tutorial I did called Blend your own Backgrounds. Well I’ve redone the tutorial as a video, walking you through how I created the layout illustrated in the original tutorial. Plus a couple of other bonus tips. I hope you like it.

Click here for a high resolution version of this video
All the elements used in this tutorial are from the gorgeous Renew Collection by Shalae Tippett from Scrap Girls.

I made this video using Photoshop Elements but the ideas and techniques can be applied to most photo editing software packages.

If you think this digital scrapbooking tutorial is worthwhile, I’d really really appreciate it if you would click over to the YouTube version and give it a rating or share it with other Scrapbookers by clicking on the StumbleUpon button below.

And don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments below. Constructive feedback is always welcome so I can improve, but please be gentle.

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