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Scrapbooking ideas to spark your scrapbooking creativitiy and help you design better scrapbook layouts

Saturday Scrapbooking Ideas

I thought I would start a series of quick scrapbooking tips and see how you like it.

Let me know if you think it’s a good idea and if I should continue it.

Saturday Scrapbooking Idea #1

Add a different perspective to your next scrapbooking layout.

Begin your layout design with a bold embellishment rather than a photo.

Use this as the focal point and create your layout design around it.

Add the photo in later, as part of the design.

10 Top Ways to Rekindle your Scrapbooking Inspiration

Scrapbooking inspirationHave you ever sat down with those photos that you really want to scrap, but your Scrapbooking muse just won’t come?

I have to confess that happens to me a lot. And it’s so frustrating when the mood to scrap is there but the inspiration has gone missing. Well here are some ideas to help get that mojo juice flowing again. Give one of them a try when you next find yourself confronted with the dreaded Scrappers’ Block.

10 Top Ways to Rekindle your Scrapbooking Inspiration

1. Go for a walk!

I’m blessed with a great public park at the end of my street and when my mind feels cluttered (pretty much every day) I take myself for a good walk there and let the fresh air blow the cobwebs away. I find it’s good to set a brisk pace and just focus on walking. That helps to relax the mind and get rid of the clutter. Then after about 10 minutes I start to think about the photos I want to scrap and just let my mind present me with pictures of how they might look. I use this technique for thinking about blog articles too.

2. Scraplift from layouts you admire in on-line galleries.

Often just having the picture of what your scrapbook layout might look like will be enough to stimulate your mind to make its own interpretation. Layout galleries in Scrapbooking magazines are good for scraplifting from too. If you publish your layout, don’t forget to credit the original layout with your inspiration.

3. Even better…Scraplift from yourself!

Don’t underestimate your own work. Pick some of your favourite scrapbook layouts and turn them around. Literally. Try turning them on their side or upside down and looking at them from that angle. The new perspective can be just what you need to rekindle the inspiration that created them in the first place.

4. Scrapbook Sketches.

There are some great scrapbook layout sketches available on many different web sites that can give you the framework for your layout. And once you get started then the creativity will start to flow. Continue Reading →