‘Puter Heaven

Well this week I have my brand new super powered, GT striped, turbo charged, eco friendly computer up and running. Thatch came around in the afternoon last Thursday and set it up for me. It’s glorious, I keep sitting and waiting for things to happen and then realise that they already have! And the added […]

28th Annual Festival of the Sun

The 28th Annual Festival of the Sun was held yesterday. This amazing party has been running every year for the last 28 years, held at Rob and Doreen’s place. This year there were three bands playing, including the ever-popular Jack Rabbit & the Pubic Hares. Jack even had some new songs to present, although it […]

Craft and Kangas

Went over to Elaine’s yesterday (Australia Day) for a craft day. Just her and me. It was good; nice and relaxing, although I would have liked to accomplish more than we did. I brought a truck load of supplies and stuff with me as I wasn’t sure what we’d be doing and what she might […]

A fleet of majestic hot air balloons

I went for my usual dawn walk in All Nations Park at the end of my street this morning and was fortunate enough to see a magnificent sight. Just as I rounded the corner I saw a fleet of six hot air balloons sailing in a perfect crescent formation over the top of the Mound […]

Elaine’s 50th Birthday

Last Sunday (15/1/06) was Elaine’s 50th Birthday. It started out as a quiet little lunch at Hogans with just Greg and the kids (I was planning to crash it), but by the time Sunday came it had grown to 40 people and we’d pretty much taken over the pub. The food was sensational, there was […]