Christmas Card Ideas

Making ‘Production Line’ Christmas Cards I have been going nuts over the last few weeks, as the realization of Christmas has fully dawned on me, making the dozens of cards I need for the season. Normally I start my run in mid-year so I’m not under too much pressure as we get to the pointy […]

Thanksgiving Word Art

Another digital scrapbook freebie According to my Google Analytics stats the majority of my readers live in the US. So I thought I’d make some Word Art to commemorate your Thanksgiving holiday. This isn’t a holiday that we celebrate in Australia but I think it’s always a good thing to stop, think and give thanks […]

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial Sale

Massive discount on the Soup2Nuts Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial Course Who knew learning could be this much fun? Christmas is in sight. (Shakes head. Where did the year go? Again!) And trying to find fun and interesting gifts for all your special someones can often be challenging. So here’s a fun idea for a gift for […]

Why do you scrapbook?

I was thinking about this question today and I realised that my reasons for scrapbooking have evolved over the last eight years that I’ve been doing it. This may be a similar story to your own, when you start to think about it. My first scrapbook album was born when I was frustrated by having the […]

Free Scrapbooking Recipe Card– Fruity Chocolate Fudge

Digital scrapbooking freebie Want to make something extra yummy and deliciously decadent? Well you can’t go past this super dooper Fruity Chocolate Fudge (recipe credit to my friend Carly). This fudge is of Willy Wonka-esque yummyness and best of all … it’s easy peasy to make. You can download the recipe card I’ve made and […]