Intermediate Tutorials

If you’ve already done some digital scrapbooking and you know the basics, then you’re probably ready for some new tricks and techniques.
This set of Tutorials is designed for you.
Each of the Tutorials is designed to follow on from the next building your skills by demonstrating the creation of a digital scrapbook layout from start to finish, teaching you new techniques in each Tutorial and repeating some of the techniques from previous Tutorials so that you can lock them firmly in your mind.
You can also select specific Tutorials without following the sequence if you wish. Each Tutorial is designed to be stand alone with each technique explained in detail.
And here’s what you get.

Each Tutorial includes 2 videos totalling between 30-60 minutes.
Clear step by step guidance through all the techniques in making the featured scrapbook layouts so you can clearly understand what you’re doing and why.
PLUS you get a complementary Digital Scrapbooking Kit with each Tutorial so you can jump right in and make your own version of the demonstrated layout.
The kit comes with plenty of extra elements so you can make lots of different layouts as well as the one in the demonstration.

And at $4.50 you’d have to agree it’s fantastic value!
So take a browse through the Intermediate Section below and choose your Tutorials.
And when you’re ready to add some more advanced tricks to your digital scrapbooking skills, why not take a look at the Step By Step Digital Scrapbooking Advanced Tutorials.

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