Scrapbook layout demonstrated in this Step by Step Video Tutorial
Scrapbook layout demonstrated in this Step by Step Video TutorialOrangesAndLemons_PromoThe-Hairdresser

Tutorial 4 – Oranges and Lemons


Key techniques in this tutorial

  • Create a torn edge border from a background paper.
  • Add realism to digital staples by making them look like they are really piercing through your layout.
  • Merge two layers together to create a different look for an element.
  • Copy a selection from one layer into a new layer.
  • Use the Colorize feature to change the color of the clothing of your photo subjects to coordinate with your layout color scheme.
  • How to fit your journaling on irregular shapes.
  • Add a bevel to give your title some dimension.
  • Modify your drop shadows to give your scrapbook layout a more realistic look
  • Open multiple digital elements at the same time, and load them into your workspace
  • Duplicate digital scrapbooking elements easily
  • PLUS a your Complementary Oranges and Lemons Digital Scrapbook Kit


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