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How to Choose Colour Schemes

Choosing colour schemes for my scrapbook layouts has often been a challenge for me. I have blown away many hours since I began scrapbooking in fiddling around with different backgrounds and elements (both digital and paper) trying to hit on the perfect colour combination for my layouts. Whilst some of that dilemma can be reduced by using scrapbooking kits which usually come with colour coordinated papers and elements to help with your choices, ultimately it still comes down to you making your colour selections to get the ball rolling. So you still need to work out what type of colour scheme you want because different colour combinations will influence the mood of your scrapbook layout and the presentation of your photo(s).

So I thought we’d spend a couple of articles looking at colour, what messages it sends to the eye and brain, and what principles can be followed to help in your choices to achieve the effect you want for your scrapbook layouts.

The Colour Wheel

A colour wheel a great aid to understanding the relationships of colours with each other.

The colour wheel is divided into three Primary colour segments linked to each other by the colours created by blending proportions of these primary colours with each other. The Primary Colours are red, yellow and blue. These are the basic colours and cannot be mixed from any other elements.

Secondary colours result from mixing two primary colours; such as mixing yellow and red to create orange. And Tertiary colours result from blending a primary colour with a secondary colour; eg. blue and green mixed together produce teal (blue-green), which is a tertiary colour.

Neutrals are shades of white, gray, or beige. Usually neutrals are tinted with another colour.

Colour the Mood of your Scrapbook Layout

Colour is one of the most dominant elements in a Scrapbook Layout design. It can dictate the entire mood of your layout. Generally speaking, colours fall into either warm or cool categories. Colours like purple, blue and green (cool colours) tend to inspire feelings of tranquility and peace. The warm colours such as red, yellow and orange evoke energy and playfulness. You can mix warm and cool colours on your layout, but you do need to pay attention to how you mix them as this can affect the mood of your layout. Continue Reading →