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Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy

Read to the end for a fantastic offer!

A lot of people ask me “Is there a way I can get into digital scrapbooking without having to spend time and effort learning how to use a graphics software program like Photoshop?”

Well  as a devoted fan of Photoshop Elements I would always recommend you invest the time in learning how to use a fully functional graphics program. But if you really are seeking instant gratification then there are some options open to you.

My Memories Suite is just such an option.

My Memories is a software package specifically designed for digital scrapbooking. That’s a plus at the start because all its functions are focussed on things that help you to create a scrapbook layout.

Everything that you need to do is presented to you in your workspace and all the editing and enhancement options are easily accessed by a button click so you don’t have to start working out where things are in drop down menus.

When you open the program you can choose whether you want to use their templates or whether you want to take a more creative path and design your own layout.

It makes it easy to load your photos into the layout and size them as you want. And the templates offer you a range of positioning options. Just click on the photo boxes to easily load and crop your photos to size.

If you don’t like the colors provided in the templates it’s easy to change them using the color changing button.

You can also use your own digital scrapbook papers, such as the Scraps of Mind Garden Party Kit so you’re not confined to the software’s library.

And you can add a music sound track to your album if you want or even video.

The software comes with a library of scrapbooking elements which are easy to find and use. But you also get access to the My Memories website where you can find lots of extra elements which you can download: and many of them are free.

But most of all, My Memories is very easy to use. You can have your first digital scrapbook layout done in a matter of minutes (half an hour, tops).

“But are there any downsides to all this perfection?”  I hear you say.

Well of course there are. Nothing in life is totally perfect.

The other side of the ‘easy to use’ coin is that you don’t get the same level of scope and flexibility to design and tweak your scrapbook layouts that you would get in a full-on graphics editing program. My Memories is not Photoshop. But then it doesn’t pretend to be.

And did I mention that it doesn’t come with a Photoshop price tag either. You can pick up this digital scrapbooking software package for the great value price of $37.97.

I’m impressed with this product as a quick and easy way to get into digital scrapbooking and I’m happy to endorse it.

So here’s a fantastic limited offer for Scraps of Mind readers .

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Digital Scrapbook Freebie with My Memories purchase

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I’m a bit gobsmacked by this offer and I’m thrilled to be able to give it to you.

So click here to go to My Memories Suite

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Grab your MyMemories digital scrapbooking software package at your special $10 off price, and before you start shopping with your $10 gift voucher, send me a copy of your receipt and you can get my bonus digital scrapbooking kit package.

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Low Cost Digital Scrapbooking

cash_registerFor me digital scrapbooking is the most budget form of scrapbooking I can do.

“How so?” you ask, “When you have to buy the computer equipment and software before you can start.”

Well stop and think for a moment. You already have the computer equipment, or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

So all you need extra is the software.

Now if you’ve been reading Scraps of Mind for a while you will know that my digital scrapbooking weapon of choice is Adobe Photoshop Elements. You can read why I like it in my review of Photoshop Elements here.

But I would never pay full price for it!

I always run with a version that is not the latest one and I buy it from eBay. The important thing is to make sure you are getting an original copy that you can register with Adobe. Then if you want to upgrade at a later date you can do so easily.

Adobe are up to Version 7 of Photoshop Elements but I am still running Version 5 because I find that it gives me all the scope I need for my digital scrapbooking and photo editing. Plus I can easily make my own scrapbooking embellishments to print out and use with my paper scrapbook layouts. So I’m never stuck for the right embellishment.

So you see, you don’t need to spend over a hundred bucks to get your software. And once you have that you actually don’t have to spend another cent if you don’t want to. Because the Internet abounds with scrapbooking freebies. If you browse through the Scraps of Mind Scrapbooking Freebies section you will find links to some great sites that regularly offer freebies.

And in a shameless plug for my own tutorials, I can teach you how to digital scrapbook with Photoshop Elements in my  Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Program of tutorials which brings you full length video tutorials showing you how to create a scrapbook layout and teaching you new techniques. As well as a full complementary digital scrapbooking kit with each new layout.

postcards-from-veneziaGenerally when you start digital scrapbooking you will like to create scrapbook layouts that look like paper scrapbook layouts. And of course digital scrapbooking kits provide all the elements, nicely color coordinated to let you do that. But often you will then move on to incorporate techniques that let you do some fancy things like blending a photo to become part of your background and giving your photos a soft feathery vignette edge. That’s where you will enjoy all the functions available in a broader graphics editing package like Photoshop Elements.

But if you can’t be bothered learning how to use Photoshop Elements there are a number of very simple to use software packages on the market that will get you creating digital scrapbook layouts in the blink of an eye.

My Memories Suite is one of them and you should check out my review here. And there’s a tasty discount for Scraps of Mind readers too. I have tried this out and I can tell you that it is a very easy to use package with practically no learning curve. So for instant digital scrapbooking gratification it’s hard to go past. And if you are opting for one of these packages, I would definitely recommend it.

But there are others too that can offer a variety of templates for you to use to create instant scrapbook layouts on your computer.

Top Ten Reviews is an online store which sells a number of these packages. It’s a handy place to go and browse through the reviews to see which ones you might prefer. The reviews are likely to have a certain bias. But at least you can get a bit of an idea of what each package will give you. So you know what you are getting for your money.

These packages are a very easy way to get started with digital scrapbooking.

But I would issue a warning.

If you’re already a scrapbooker you obviously have a creative turn of mind.

Most of these packages can be a bit limiting creatively. They may allow you to work with the templates and elements provided but not to create or import your own. And they will probably not let you use any other digital scrapbook kits that you download from the Internet as they won’t be in the correct format for these packages.

So there’s a possibility that you will outgrow these packages. But even if that’s the case, a package like these will serve the purpose of acting like a stepping stone to ease you into digital scrapbooking.

That’s one of the reasons why I prefer a generic graphics editing program such as Photoshop Elements. Sure there’s a bit of a learning curve, but I think it’s worth it for the freedom you get to do your own thing.

But whether you decide to go with one of these simpler packages or with a Photoshop Elements graphic editing program, you will easily save the cost of the package with the scrapbook supplies that you won’t be needing to buy.

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What’s the best software for Digital Scrapbooking?

A couple of months ago I wrote a review of Photoshop Elements 6 – The Missing Manual.

And since then, I’ve have quite a few emails asking me if Photoshop Elements is the best software to pick for digital scrapbooking.

Well first of all, let me say that I am a long time user of Photoshop Elements. So that is obviously going to influence my opinion.

And in my opinion, Photoshop Elements is the best choice for someone entering the world of digital scrapbooking.


Are there other great graphics editing software programs on the market?


The full blown Photoshop CS (also made by Adobe) is acknowledged as the standard setter for graphics editing.

The Gimp is a free graphics editing software package with many of the powerful features of Photoshop.

Paintshop Pro is also a strong contender for digital scrapbooking functionality.

But I still stand by Photoshop Elements as the best choice for a new digital scrapbooker.


Well let’s start with Price.

Apart from the Gimp (it’s hard to beat ‘free’), Photoshop Elements comes with a far lower price tag than either Photoshop CS or Paintshop Pro.

And for less that $100 you can get a program that provides you with all the functionality you need to create great digital scrapbook layouts for now and the future. Photoshop has even more functionality, but being really targeted at professional graphic designers, I think that it’s over endowed with functionality which can prove more complex and confusing that is needed for digital scrapbooking. Especially for the beginner digital scrapbooker.

Paintshop Pro is less expensive than Photoshop but still more expensive than Photoshop Elements. Although I think Corel have a deal on at the moment which prices it similar to Photoshop Elements.

And there’s the learning curve.

I have trialled both Photoshop and Paintshop Pro and I found them complex and difficult to perform the functions that I wanted. And the Gimp is also reputed to have a very tough learning curve.

Now having said all that, once you have mastered the learning curve of any software package, you will be a convert. And of course you will feel that your software of choice is the only way to go…just as I feel about Photoshop Elements.


Another significant advantage for Photoshop Elements is the tutorials that are available for it. Many tutorials abound on the Internet. Sometimes though, that can be a little intimidating. Especially as they often make assumptions that the viewer has a level of expertise and understanding of the terms that may not actually be the case. (By the way, You won’t have that problem with the Step by Step Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials.)

I’ve been thinking about this for some time. I think a lot of people feel overwhelmed when they think about starting digital scrapbooking and then they’re so put off because the tutorials seem so complex, that they walk away.

Tutorials designed for the beginner Digital Scrapbooker

So I’ve created an exciting Step by Step Digital Scrapbook course that will give you a range of digital scrapbooking tutorials taking you from absolute beginner to expert digital scrapbooker. You can take the full course or just pick and choose amongst the individual tutorials. Each tutorial will take you through the creation of a digital scrapbook layout and comes with a full digital scrapbook kit so you can make your own.

So if you’ve been thinking about digital scrapbooking but maybe were a bit nervous of taking on the technology, pop over and have a look around and find out all about it.

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