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Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy

Read to the end for a fantastic offer!

A lot of people ask me “Is there a way I can get into digital scrapbooking without having to spend time and effort learning how to use a graphics software program like Photoshop?”

Well  as a devoted fan of Photoshop Elements I would always recommend you invest the time in learning how to use a fully functional graphics program. But if you really are seeking instant gratification then there are some options open to you.

My Memories Suite is just such an option.

My Memories is a software package specifically designed for digital scrapbooking. That’s a plus at the start because all its functions are focussed on things that help you to create a scrapbook layout.

Everything that you need to do is presented to you in your workspace and all the editing and enhancement options are easily accessed by a button click so you don’t have to start working out where things are in drop down menus.

When you open the program you can choose whether you want to use their templates or whether you want to take a more creative path and design your own layout.

It makes it easy to load your photos into the layout and size them as you want. And the templates offer you a range of positioning options. Just click on the photo boxes to easily load and crop your photos to size.

If you don’t like the colors provided in the templates it’s easy to change them using the color changing button.

You can also use your own digital scrapbook papers, such as the Scraps of Mind Garden Party Kit so you’re not confined to the software’s library.

And you can add a music sound track to your album if you want or even video.

The software comes with a library of scrapbooking elements which are easy to find and use. But you also get access to the My Memories website where you can find lots of extra elements which you can download: and many of them are free.

But most of all, My Memories is very easy to use. You can have your first digital scrapbook layout done in a matter of minutes (half an hour, tops).

“But are there any downsides to all this perfection?”  I hear you say.

Well of course there are. Nothing in life is totally perfect.

The other side of the ‘easy to use’ coin is that you don’t get the same level of scope and flexibility to design and tweak your scrapbook layouts that you would get in a full-on graphics editing program. My Memories is not Photoshop. But then it doesn’t pretend to be.

And did I mention that it doesn’t come with a Photoshop price tag either. You can pick up this digital scrapbooking software package for the great value price of $37.97.

I’m impressed with this product as a quick and easy way to get into digital scrapbooking and I’m happy to endorse it.

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