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10 Speedy Scrapbook Ideas

We all get those ‘no mojo’ days don’t we? Hey sometimes it’s more like ‘no mojo’ weeks even.

So here are ten speedy scrapbooking ideas which I hope will intrigue and inspire you and maybe just kick start that mojo again.

  1. Attach a transparent sheet over your photo with a couple of brads and doodle onto the sheet with marker pens to dress up your photo without accidentally ruining it.
  2. Layer a couple of scrap ends from your ribbons over each other at right angles to make funky casual photo corners. You can dress them up even more with brads or flowers to make a great corner accent for your photo.

    This scrapbook layout is from the Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Intermediate Tutorial 5

  3. Let your journaling flow onto your photos where there is a blank space on the photo. This will help to anchor both the journaling and the photo.
  4. Use your computer to create unique and funky titles instead of buying alphabets. If you have photo editing software you can apply interesting styles and filters to the letters but even in Word you can dress them up or use the Word Art feature. Print out your title and add embellishments and you’re done. It’s best to choose a chunky style font for your titles. Check out my Downloading and Installing Fonts video to show you how easy it is to get a collection of free fonts.
  5. Use your kids words to create the inspiration for your scrapbook layout. Ask them what their memories of an event were and use their words as your title to create your journaling.
  6. Make your own rub-ons by printing your design onto a transparent sheet using your home computer. You can read how to do it here.
  7. Make the key words and phrases in your journaling stand out to add visual interest and emphasis. If you print your journaling use the bold feature on your key words or change the font and font-size for those words. If you hand write your journaling choose a different color for your key words or print them in upper case. You can use a highlighter to make them stand out and even a simple underline will add emphasis.

    This Scrapbook layout is from Step by Step Digital Scrapbook Tutorials – Intermediate 6

  8. Run a piece of sand paper lightly over the top of embossed paper to make the pattern really stand out. It also gives the paper a slightly vintage or grungy look.
  9. Make multiple copies of your focal photo and fan them out slightly behind it. This makes a lovely matt to frame your photo. It looks good if you print the matt photos in monochrome and leave the top one in color.
  10. Try out a completely different style of scrapbooking than you’re used to. If you’re a simple scrapbooker try using lots of embellishments, If you’re a collage scrapbooker try making a minimalist layout. If you usually only use one photo on a scrapbook layout try making one with multiple photos. I became interested in the AZZA scrapbooking style and tried out making an album of a trip down the Rhine River using this style. I found focussing on learning a new scrapbooking style really helped me kick off my mojo meltdown.


Scrapbook your party dress

And I don’t mean make a scrapbook layout with a photo of you in a magnolicious new dress.

Check out these super cool party dresses all made from scrapbooking papers!

Are they gorgeous or what?

The creative geniuses at DCWV, who make some very tasty scrapbook papers, created these life-size couture dresses to showcase their latest paper stack lines.

Each dress is made from papers out of one of the lines and they were on exhibition at a trade show in Los Angeles last weekend. The exhibit, called Make It With Paper: A Runway Collection was made up of eight different dresses. Each one made from a different range of papers and each one made using nothing but the scrapbooking papers.

Each of the dress designs was inspired by the paper range that was chosen to create it. And I reckon that just as much time and effort must have gone into creating these examples of  haute couturier de papier as you’ll find in any of the big designer houses of Paris.

I have to say I would really love one of these dresses myself. I quite fancy myself in the pirate dress on the right. How about you?

So if you’re looking for inspiration it’s hard to go any further than this.

Forget the mall next time you’re freshening up your party wardrobe. Head straight for your scrapbooking stash.

. . . Oh, and try not to let anyone spill any drinks on you.

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When Your Mojo is No-Go

creative-inspirationSo it suddenly dawns on you one day that it’s been weeks since you actually created a scrapbook layout or a card or a piece of jewelery or whatever is your craft of choice.

What’s happened?

Has all your creative juice dried up?

Has your ‘get up and go’ just got up and gone?

Does this mean you’re ‘over’ your beloved craft and will never create again?

Have we finally run out of questions?

Seriously, this is something that many of us have experienced at some point in our creative lives. And it can be very stressful.

You just can’t seem to get in the mood to be creative and so you stop creating.

Let Nature take its course

Remember when you’re looking for something that you know you put away but you just can’t find it? Or when you’re trying to remember something and it just won’t come to you? And finally you decide to just put it out of your mind and stop thinking about it.

Next thing you know it just pops into your head without any effort. Admittedly, this often occurs at an inconvenient time but at least it comes back to your memory.

Well when you feel your mojo has flown out of the window and you just can’t seem to get some creative inspiration going, try using the same technique.

Stop ‘trying’ to be creative.

Don’t let it stress you out.

Do something different.

Focus on family activities or sport or home related stuff or doing things with friends.

DO NOT get a guilt thing happening because you can’t get in a creative mood.

Maybe your brain is telling you it’s time to take a break. So just go with the flow.

After a while you will find that you will naturally come back to your craft and feel in the mood to start creating again. But don’t push it. It may take a few weeks, it may take months.

Remember the words of the Prophet: it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

And you will be relaxed and ready to go again when your scrapbooking inspiration does come back.

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Madison Avenue Scrapbooking

Madison Avenue Scrapbooking

Here’s a great Scrapbook Idea

We all know that scraplifting is a great way to kick start a flagging inspiration.

Trying to find something new for your scrapbook layouts can often be a challenge.


Well I suggest you look no further than your nearest magazine when your inspiration has gone on holiday.

Sit down in a comfortable chair with the beverage of your choice (some chocolate always helps the creative process I find, but this is optional). And start flicking through your favourite magazines.

Half close your eyes so you can’t see the pages too clearly. You don’t want to actually read the articles this time. You just want the pages to make an impression on you. So you can find one that can be translated into a scrapbook layout.

And usually the best page layouts for this will be the full page advertisements!

Don’t forget, these folk make their living by designing page layouts. So it’s reasonable to expect that they know a thing of two about it.

I found this ad for Campbell’s Soup in a women’s magazine a couple of days ago. It was just screaming at me to scraplift it and turn it into a scrapbook layout.

So I did, and this layout of my daughter and her cousins is the result.


So now I guess I’ll always think of Campbell’s Soup as ‘the family soup’

If you haven’t tried kick starting your mojo with advertising inspiration I recommend you give it a try. It will often inspire you to try styles and designs that you otherwise might not have. And it can give you a whole new perspective when you’re designing your scrapbook layouts.

And if you have tried scraplifting from magazines tell us what you did, and maybe share a link so we can go and see and help to boost our own inspiration.

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21 Resources for Creative Scrapbookers

This Resource List is not ranked in any particular order.
It is a collection of great resources for Paper and Digital Scrapbookers everywhere to help boost your scrapbooking creativity.
Grab a cup of coffee, browse and enjoy.

  1. front-screen.jpgStep by Step Digital Scrapbook:A great new website that’s specifically designed for digital scrapbooking beginners. It offers lots of getting started information and videos and can even provide a hand-holding mentoring program to take away that learning curve confusion.
    Paper Scrapbookers and Beginners to Digital Scrapbooking
  2. DFCKR:

    Flickr for Designers. A pool of photos covering everything from magazine covers and vintage advertisements to street art. Packed with inspiration.
    All Scrapbookers

  3. Paperclipping 22 – More Ways to Lead the Eye:

    Paperclipping offers some great video tutorials featuring various techniques for traditional scrapbookers. I’ve selected this episode because it relates to layout design and can be applied to all forms of scrapbooking. But there’s a list of other tutorials in the sidebar.
    All Scrapbookers

  4. Deviant Art:

    Another great place for brilliant graphics inspiration. Some great ideas to spark creative scrapbook layouts here.
    All Scrapbookers Continue Reading →