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Scrapbook Organization – Ribbon Storage Ideas

Ribbons can be one of the most challenging areas of your stash to apply some scrapbook organization to.

As scrapbookers we love our ribbons. I know I certainly do. And trying to keep them organized as well as being able to see what I’ve got when I want it has long been a challenge for me. And they’re so pretty that I like to have them on display to brighten my scrapbooking space.

In my previous article on Scrapbook Organization on a Budget I suggested a few ideas for how you might store your ribbons. And here are two more really fun things you can try which’ll look great in your scrapping space.

Scrapbook Organization for Ribbons 1

For this scrapbook organization idea you will need a shoebox.

Paint or cover the box and lid with pretty paper to decorate. I painted mine and stamped some butterflies to decorate it.


Using  the pointy blades of some scissors or other sharp implement and a great deal of care, punch a row of holes in one of the long sides of the box,  about an inch apart and about an inch from the bottom.


Now punch a second row an inch above the first and stagger the holes so that they fall between the first row.

Repeat for a third row , creating a sort of diamond pattern of holes. And if you have enough room you can do a fourth row. You need to make sure that there is enough room for the lid to go on the box without covering up any holes.


Now you can take all your bits of thin ribbon (usually the bits that are about 1-2 metres) and poke them through the holes where they can easily be seen and pulled out when needed.

I made some of the holes in my box a little wider on a couple of rows so that I could store medium width ribbons too.

Scrapbook Organization for Ribbons 2

This one is more complicated than the previous scrapbook organization idea but it does make a very pretty presentation for your favorite ribbon spools.

This also requires a shoe box.

Leaving the lid to one side, paint it or cover the storage part of the box in paper to dress it up. On mine I’ve done both. Make sure you paint or line the inside too.


Now, using some polystyrene foam or other substance you can cut to shape, cut two or three thin wedge shapes that are one inch shorter than the inside of the box from the edge to the base. Position against the inside of the box with the thin edge pointing to the back. Glue in place. Continue Reading →

Scrapbook Organization on a Budget

Today I want to talk about how you can bring some scrapbook organization to your stash without breaking the budget.

scrapbook organizatonOnce you start scrapbooking your scrapbook supplies seem to increase like rabbits and storing them can become a challenge. Erika from Scrapbook Obsession wrote a great guest post on scrapbook organization tips a few months ago and I’ve also written about organizing your digital scrapbook supplies.

But scrapbook storage products can be pricey, especially when you need so many of them. Fortunately there are many scrapbook organization budget alternatives which you can use to store your supplies and have fun with personalizing them as well. After all, we are scrapbookers aren’t we?

Stamp, Punches and Equipment Storage

You really can’t go past the humble shoe box for this. there is always someone in the family buying shoes so you’ll have a constant supply to work with.

Now you can just bang a label on the end to tell you what the contents are and then stack them on a shelf or a cupboard. Or you can choose to personalize them by covering them with paper (I suggest pretty gift wrapping paper as the sheets are larger than scrapbooking paper) and adding a few scrapbook embellishments. Make your labels all the same design to keep a level of consistency. A good idea is to design them on your computer (a graphics editing program like Photoshop Elements is perfect for this or you can even come up with a good design using Word) and then print them out.

If you keep your boxes on an open shelf you might like to give them a colour theme that will coordinate with your room. In fact an overall colour theme for all your scrapbook organization solutions can be a great look.


The jam jar is your friend here.

Using similar jars creates a unified look that is very pleasing to the eye. Sort your flowers into however you want to theme them: it might be by colour or by size. And have a jar for each category.

And your decorating skills come into play here too. Paint the lids of your jars a matching colour and use your left-over scrapbooking supplies to dress them up. A set of matching decorated jars on a shell can look just stunning.

Ribbons and Fibres

Ribbons and fibres can easily get out of hand. Especially if you collect them from gifts and other sources where they don’t have a spool to keep them neat.

Well don’t ignore the used toilet rolls in your house. Now there’s always a constant supply of these, and they are brilliant to wind ribbon around and hold in place with a piece of tape or a pin. If you don’t like the cardboard colour then painting them a fresh white is a great option. Just make sure they are totally dry before you wind the ribbon on them.

And you can store all your new ribbon spools in one of your newly decorated boxes.

What about ribbon offcuts? Well, I refer you to the above section on jam jars.

Try storing off cuts of similar colours in the same jar. then when you need that little ribbon bow accent for your layout, you’ll easily be able to find a piece in the colour range you’re looking for. Continue Reading →

Spring Clean your Digital Scrapbook Stash

Well for many of you, Spring is in the air. The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the air is fresh with the new season.

And thoughts turn to Spring Cleaning.

So now is probably a good time to think about Spring Cleaning your Scrapbooking Stash.

Erika gave you paper scrapbookers some great scrapbook organization tips for clearing out and organising your scrapbook supplies.

But what about Digital Scrapbookers?

Why would digital scrapbookers need to think of scrapbook organization? One of the great things about digital scrapbooking is that there’s no need for lots of space to store your ever expanding stash of digital scrapbooking kits and elements.

Digital scrapbooking takes up no space!

Or does it?


All those digital kits take up ever increasing space on your computer. You know how big those files are.

We just keep on adding to our digital scrapbooking supplies folders. And I know I don’t help by publishing the Five Freebies on Friday lists, just so you can go and grab more goodies to add to the stash.

But do you actually use all the supplies in your stash?

I know that when I first started digital scrapbooking I was on a mission to download every freebie I could find. You know…just in case I might need to use it.

So my digital scrapbooking supplies folder was absolutely huge. And that made actually finding anything an hour’s exercise in browsing through my stash looking for the ‘perfect’ kit.

And you know what? I reckon that out of all the stuff that I had I only used about 20%!

I would have my favourites and they tended to be the kits I kept on returning to, to use different combinations of papers and elements to create my different scrapbook layout looks.

And all the time I was clogging up my computer with all these digital scrapbooking kits that I had never used and probably would never use in the future. Just as if I could never get any more if I needed them.

So I thought, enough!

And I’ve been on a purge of my scrapbook stash to delete all the kits that I have never used in over a year and have no plans to use.

It was hard. And I had to be really disciplined with myself. But I’m so glad I did it.

At last my computer can ‘breath’. I’ve got gigabytes of space back and searching for the ‘right’ digital scrapbook kit for my layouts takes a fraction of the time.

So maybe now is a good time for you digital scrapbookers to consider doing a Spring Clean of your digital scrapbooking stash.

It’s well worth the time and the effort.

And your computer will love you for it.

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7 Top Scrapbook Organization Tips

Please welcome this week’s Guest Writer on Scraps of Mind.
Erika from
Scrapbook Obsession is a passionate scrapbooker who is on a never ending quest for ways to tame her scrapbooking stash and keep it organized. In today’s article she shares seven of her top tips for a more organized scrapbooking space. When you’ve enjoyed Erika’s article, why not click over and check out her blog?
Don’t forget, you too can join the Journalist Team at Scraps of Mind and showcase your work to other Scrapbookers by writing a Guest Post and getting published on Scraps of Mind.

Is your scrapbooking area organized?

Or do you sometimes avoid scrapbooking because you know you won’t be able to find something when you need it? Or better yet, you can’t even find a clear space on your desk to scrap?

My organizational level seems to rise and fall. At times, everything is a huge mess with no hope of finding what I need. Other times, my scrap area is neat and tidy, allowing me to create freely and stress-free.

In hopes of getting you to the second condition, I thought I’d share some general organizational tips I’ve picked up over the years:

1. Use Online Resources

There are so many great resources to help you become organized the online ones are the fastest, cheapest and easiest to find.

Just type “scrapbook organization” into Google and you will find a huge list of references. One of my favorites is Organized Scrapbooks (www.organizedscrapbooks.com). They have been around for awhile and have tons of ideas, free printable forms, and photos of organized spaces. Continue Reading →

Organizing My ‘Scrapbookable’ Moments

Please give a warm welcome our latest Guest Writer on Scraps of Mind.
Join the Journalist Team at Scraps of Mind and showcase your work to other Scrapbookers by writing a Guest Post and getting published on Scraps of Mind.
Today our Guest Writer is Hope from
4thememories. When you’ve enjoyed her article, why not click over and check out her blog?

First I want to say hello to all the readers here at Scraps of Mind.
I have gone digital!

Not digital scrapbooking. Although I know that is in my future. How could I not be inspired to start after reading amazing blogs like Scraps of Mind?

But right now my digital journey is starting with my calendar.
The mess on my desk was just getting to be too much. How could I organize my life and reduce the clutter?
I gave away my paper calendar (I think it came from the dollar store…) and I started to use Google Calendar.
At first I began to use it for all of my personal appointments and then I moved to even scheduling my errands, phone calls, etc. And it has been great so far.

Recording the Events As They Happen

Then I started to plan my new 2008 Family Album.

The idea is to do a two-page layout for each month with one page being an actual calendar. I knew I had to record the events as they happened or I would most certainly forget. Even with my plan to complete each month’s layouts right at the end of the month I needed a place to record my ‘scrapbookable’ moments.
Continue Reading →