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Recovering your Scrapbooking Mojo



Are you finding it a bit of a struggle to get back into your scrapbooking?

The holiday season is over (well, not so much in Australia as it’s our Summer here) and your scrapbooking routine flew out the window over the last couple of months.

And now you’re thinking you should be getting back into it but somehow it’s hard to get motivated.

Yeah, I so know that feeling.

But I got to thinking about this over the last couple of weeks. And in my opinion . . .


Scrapbooking is (for most of us) a hobby.

It’s about a relaxing, fun and creative way to spend our leisure time.

So if right now you choose to spend your leisure time cruising the Internet, playing Facebook games or reading about scrapbooking on sites like this instead of creating your own layouts . . . IT’S OK.

Once I got to this point I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.

It’s silly I know but I was actually beating myself up because I wasn’t getting myself focussed and being productive; not just about creating scrapbook layouts but about writing for Scraps of Mind too.

And the more I beat myself up the less I felt motivated to do anything and the less creative I felt.

If this sounds like you then my advice is . . .


As the lyrics of a Golden Oldie go:

“If it feels good do it.

If it hurts just let it lie.”

So keep on cruising the Internet. And please keep on reading Scraps of Mind. Heaven knows there’s tons of stuff on this site.

 And when you’re ready, you’ll know. And you’ll feel like creating something.

And when you’re ready to start again here’s some ideas to get you going again.

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