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Yarn2Go – Book Review

A Yarn Retreat Mystery by Betty Hechtman

Yarn2Go by Betty HechtmanLooking for the perfect stocking filler for your crafty Mum, Girlfriend or Daughter?

Well here it is: a mystery novel set at a craft retreat!

Yarn 2 Go is a crafty mystery book by Betty Hechtman. Its setting is a knitting retreat in a small Californian town over a long weekend. Here’s the blurb to give you an overview of what the story’s about.

Dessert chef Casey Feldstein doesn’t know a knitting needle from a crochet hook. But after her aunt dies unexpectedly, leaving Casey to run her yarn retreat business, the sweets baker finds herself rising to the occasion—and trying to unravel a murder mystery…

When Casey finds out that her late aunt’s business, Yarn2Go, has one more yarn retreat scheduled, she decides to go ahead and host the event, despite her complete lack of experience as a knitter. At least the retreat is on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula.

But the idyllic setting is soured when a retreat regular is found murdered in her hotel room. Feeling a sense of responsibility, Casey begins to weave the clues together and detects a pattern which may shed light on her aunt’s suspicious death. Despite the danger, the last thing Casey plans to do is retreat. She’ll catch this killer or dye trying.

Includes a knitting pattern and a recipe!

I found it a good light read. Especially as it combines two things I love: craft and mystery.

There’s some good character setting up in the beginning, leading up to the murder. And one of the things I particularly liked was that the experience of running the retreat was very much a growth experience for Casey: causing her to re-evaluate her future by the end of the weekend. She is very much not the heroine with her act together so it’s easy to relate to her… for me anyway.

Although it takes a while for the murder to actually take place I enjoyed the looking at the craft retreat from the organiser’s perspective, instead of from the participant’s. So I didn’t mind that. And it set up all of the prospective motives and opportunities for when the murder did happen.

There are plenty of red herrings through the story to keep you jumping from one person to another as you try to guess the murderer and that helps to keep it pacey.

The only issue I would have with it is that I would have preferred the ‘wrap up’ at the end to have tied off a few more loose ends, but I think Betty might be leaving things open for a possible sequel.

So if you’re looking for a good book to curl up with on a wet afternoon I suggest you break out the chockies, pour a mug (or glass) of your favorite beverage, and spend some quality ‘me’ time with Yarn2Go.

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